These law of attraction tools, will free your mind. Watch how life unfolds after that.

Here is the second set of law of attraction tools, highly recommended before beginning your goal setting plan. They will certainly keep you on track towards making your changes.

These are a follow up to two very powerful ones, together they will contribute significantly to making changes to any goal setting plan.

Consider beginning your goal setting plan with them all. Consistent practice will certainly allow for the staying power necessary for the achievement of goals.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

All law of attraction tools discussed so far are essential for beginning your goal setting plan and making the desired changes. We will now discuss one that contributes to your staying power.

It is Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping.

This became popular in the 1990s with Gary Craig who was a student of Roger Callahan’s TFT (Thought Field Therapy). Gary Craig’s EFT is a simpler version to Roger Callahan’s TFT.

EFT has been internationalized and a method now widely used in the field of Energy Psychology.

Why has EFT become so popular in so relatively short a time? Because it works!

In my own experience, I have never found anything so effective and immediate. The results of practicing EFT, occurs like a miracle. Its effectiveness is based on Chinese Meridians.

These meridians are imaginary energy pathways that move throughout the body. They are imaginary but have been proven accurate. There are 12 major meridian pathways and each is connected to a specific organ.

Traditional Chinese Medicine discovered meridians over 3,000 years ago, diagnosis according to these pathways have been proven time and time again, owing to the high respect it receives today.

It has been proven, emotions are connected to everything – illness, successes, failures – everything! As emotions are energy, they vibrate at certain frequencies. Frequencies are measured in Hertz.

A low frequency emotion vibrates slower than a high frequency emotion, for example fear vibrates at 100 Hertz and love vibrates at 500 Hertz.

Depending on the nature of certain thoughts and emotions, blockages can occur in the system, causing energy to slow or stagnate. EFT clears these blockages.

What is felt is freedom, hence the name. It is this Freedom that gives you the staying power.

This is why I highly recommend this as one of the law of attraction tools. I would further recommend that this be done every day because our thoughts run so wild.


Here’s another of the profound law of attraction tools, definitely something for beginning everyone of your goal setting plans.

If you’re interested in making a change from the same old same old experiences, imagination for sure is one of the law of attraction tools that will take you there.

It is powerful!

My first experience with imagination was the last time I lost weight. I had stopped running when I decided the pounds had to go, I was doing yoga and was just about to begin weight training, so I wasn’t as active as before.

I was familiar with the concept of imaging myself exactly how I wanted to look, so I did that - I imagined myself slender and toned. That was my easiest experience at losing weight.

I changed my diet to one conducive to my blood type, continued with my yoga and weight training which wasn’t as intense as I was accustomed to, ate normally (sometimes it appeared even more than before) and the pounds just fell away. I became the same trim, toned person I imagined.

Another time, I had limited funds for a trip to California, I had to be in California so I went on pure faith. A few days before leaving, I again experimented with imagination, on my living room couch, I thought, if money was no object what would I want to experience in California?

I saw myself dining by candlelight at an exquisite restaurant and had another vision on a side walk cafe – would you believe, both visions became a reality!

In the first and second situation, if I had taken into consideration, that I was not exercising enough or that it appeared I was eating even more than before and that I hadn’t enough money, all that would have coloured my outcome.

None of the experiences would have seemed possible, if I came from logic. I would have reasoned, this cannot work because... Instead, I allowed my imagination free reign and did it reign. Everyone can do this!

How this works is quite simple, it’s again all about energy vibrating at frequencies to match your images. The clearer the images of what you want, the more the frequencies come together. The more you can sense the reality of it with your five senses, the more it gets closer to becoming real.

If you don’t have faith however, the frequency is disrupted. So you need staying power!

Continue to practice these law of attraction tools before beginning your goal setting plan. They will certainly contribute to making the required changes you need.

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This site seeks to provide information and solutions to live a life where anything is possible. The author Dawn A Grant seeks to share her experiences with others in an effort to show that goal setting can be a simple and powerful process for all. She couples with her experiences, the profound principles which has allowed her to live a life of joy, ease and freedom.