At the deepest level, so beyond mere appearances, it has been said that human beings and everything else for that matter, are vibrating energy. This is might not be something that someone is willing to just accept.

Due to the feedback that their fives senses provide them, this can be seen as something that is totally ridiculous. Still, this is not something that is purely an opinion; it is something that is backed up by quantum physics.

Nothing New

For thousands of years, different spiritual traditions have been saying the same thing. Thanks to the connection that people like this had, and still have, to themselves, it allowed them to ‘see beyond the veil’.

This is not to not to say that people like this didn’t have any assistance with this as there were certain plants that aided them and played a part in them being able to understand the true nature of reality. But with that aside, these people understood that life was an illusion, Maya, and didn’t need an external source to validate what they knew at the core of their being.

A Very Different World

In the western world and the countries that have been influenced by it, what can be experienced by the five senses is largely seen as real and what can’t be experienced is seen as not being real. Therefore, not only is the west materialistic, its foundations are based on a materialist view of reality.

So, although the traditions of old looked within for what was real, nowadays people often look without to find out what is real. This can be seen as one of the big differences between a mystic and a scientist.

Two Very Different Reasons

When it comes to these traditions, what is going on externally is seen as being a reflection of what is going on internally. The world, as real as it may seem, then, it just a mirror of what is taking place within someone’s consciousness.

On the other hand, when it comes to the western materialistic view, what happens externally is largely seen as being random. Consequently, what is taking place ‘out there’ is seen as being the result of chance, luck, misfortune, fate or destiny, for instance.

Heaven and Hell

Through seeing the external world as a mirror of their consciousness, someone will be able to see that they are not a victim of circumstances. It will be clear to them that they are both the observer and the co-creator of their reality.

Contrastingly, through seeing what is going on ‘out there’ as being random and not having anything to do with their inner world, it will be normal for someone to see themselves as a helpless victim. As far as they are concerned, they will just be a passive observer of reality, and they will have to rely on ‘luck’ or someone/something ‘out there’ to experience life differently.

How does it Work?

If human beings and everything else is, at a base level, vibrating energy, it means that in order for someone to experience something they need to be vibrating at the right frequency. By vibrating or resonating at a certain frequency, they will ‘attract’ that which is an energetic match.

This is why it has been said that someone doesn’t attract what they want, they attract what they are. When it comes to what they are, it doesn’t purely relate to what they think, it also relates to what they emote, feel, and what their beliefs are.

A Mismatch

Now, if the world mirrors back someone’s inner world, it makes complete sense that they would attract what they are as opposed to what they want. What they want will be a small part of what they are resonating; whereas what they are will be a big part of what they are resonating.

Also, when someone says that they want fill-in-the-blank, they can be giving off the opposite resonance of what they actually need to be resonating to be an energetic match for whatever it is that they want. How they feel during this time can bring them more of what it is that they don't want.

Old Sayings

It is often said that “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer”, and, before this, it was often said that "To him that hath, more shall be given; and from him that hath not, the little that he hath shall be taken away”. When these sayings are broken down, they are examples of the law of resonance.

Those that are financially rich are resonating at a certain frequency, call it wealth consciousness, and this allows them to attract more opportunities to receive money and to grow what they have. Yet, when it comes to those who are financially poor, they are resonating at a certain frequency, call it poverty consciousness, and this stops them from attracting opportunities and to lose what they have.

A Different Resonance

This is why those who win the lottery often end up in a far worse position a few years down the line as they don't have the level of consciousness that is needed to hold onto the money. And, if there was a way to win the perfect partner, there is a strong chance that the person who won would sabotage the relationship sooner or later if they didn’t have the level of consciousness that was needed to maintain the relationship.

Taking all this into account, it can be normal for someone to wonder how they can resonate at the right frequency to experience what it is that they want. Firstly, simply having the right thoughts and ‘thinking positive’ is not going to be enough, hence why the law of attraction doesn’t tell the whole story when it comes to the manifestation process.

A Number of Different parts

Along with what could be described as the mental aspect, there will be the emotional aspect. Taking action will be another part of this, with inspired action being the most effective type of action.

When it comes to experiencing the right feelings, one can use their thoughts to create however they want to feel. The more that they experience the right feelings and are, in resonance with what they want, the easier it will be for them to attract what they desire.

Going Deeper

If they find it hard for them to experience the right feelings, it can show that they are carrying emotional wounds. Their thoughts can trigger this pain but what their thoughts won’t do is create this pain.

These emotional wounds can go back to what took place throughout their early years. Another way of looking at this would be to say that their inner child will be in a lot of pain and it will want to express what it wasn’t able to express all those years ago.

Two Levels

Consequently, this part of them will have a big effect on what they are resonating. In general, this part of them will be influencing their life from their unconscious mind.

This is another part of this law: what is taking place in their conscious mind is only playing a small part in what they experience. Ergo, as they deal with what is held in their unconscious mind, the easier it will be for them to ‘raise’ their vibration and to have what it is that they want.


If one can relate to this and they want to heal their inner child, I have written a how-to guide and created a course that goes into how this can be done. This is, of course, a process and not something that will happen overnight.

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