If someone is in a position where one area of their life is not going as they want it to go and they experience a lot of “negative” feelings, they can end up doing what they can to change their life. This can be seen as the right approach to take; after all, simply putting up with what is going on is not going to solve anything.

The only thing that this will do is cause them to suffer and this area of their life will probably get worse over time. Thus, by drawing the line and taking action, they will be taking their life into their own hands.

A Few Examples

This could mean that they are in a relationship that is not going well or they could be single. Then again, they could have a job that is anything but fulfilling or they could be out of work and looking for a job that lights their heart on fire.

Irrespective of what their challenge is, there will be where they are and there will be where they want to be. What steps they take will, of course, depend on what it is that is troubling them.

Time for a Change

Now, assuming that they have a job that is soul-destroying, they will want to find somewhere else as soon as possible, In addition to the issue that they have with the job, they could work for someone who is, to be polite, unpleasant.

As a result of this, they will feel bad when they are there and they will probably feel bad when they are not there. There could be things that they enjoyed doing before that they no longer enjoy doing.

The Driver

Due to how unpleasant it is for them where they work, their primary need could just be to feel better. This pain, pain that may have been bubbling away for many, many months, will be fuelling their need get away.

Thanks to how consumed they are by this pain, they might not spend too much time thinking about working somewhere that is a good fit for them. This can be seen as a sign of how fed up they are with what is currently taking place.

A New Beginning

Before long, as they have been putting in the work, they could find somewhere else to work. Once this has taken place, they could be incredibly relieved and grateful that they have been able to cut their ties with their last job.

As the weeks and months pass, everything could be fine and then, out of nowhere, they could get a sense of déjà vu. Somehow, they will have ended up in a job that is very similar to the previous one, and the manager could be very similar, too.

Deeply Frustrated

At this point, how they felt before could pale in comparison to how they feel now. It could be as though they are in a very bad dream, a dream that they are unable to wake up from.

They could come to the conclusion that they are very unlucky and even believe that someone or something “out there” is punishing them. The fight that they had before could also have left them.

What’s going on?

It could be said that one did the right thing by leaving where they worked. Without a doubt, staying there would have done them more harm than good in the long run.

Even so, this was a time when they were in a place of resistance and, therefore, embodied the “negative” feelings that went with this experience as opposed to being focused on what they wanted and embodying the feelings that went with this experience. In other words, it is not just what one does in the outer world that shapes their reality; it is also what is taking place in their inner world.

Two Parts

The reason why what is taking place inside them is as important, if not more important, than what they do is because one is not merely an observer of their reality – they are a co-creator of it. However, if they are strongly attached to their ego-mind, this is likely to be hard for them to accept.

As far as this part of them, along with their eyes, is concerned, they will be separate from everything and everything. Consequently, their thoughts, emotions and beliefs won’t have an effect on their reality.

Solid Science

What is taking place inside them will define what they are vibrating and their vibration will define what they both attract and repel. Therefore, if they do the right thing but they are vibrating at the “wrong” frequency, they are unlikely to achieve their desired outcome.

This might sound a bit airy-fairy and yet, this is something that is backed up by the law of resonance, which is a quantum physics law. This law states that everything is made up of vibrating energy, and, in order for two things to be pulled together, they need to be an energetic match.


What this emphasises is that there is the be-ing and there is the do-ing and, if these two things don’t match up, their desired outcome is unlikely to be materialised. The trouble is that one most likely lives in a society that is extremely extroverted.

In this society, the effect that their inner world has on their outer world is unlikely to even be acknowledged, let alone dismissed. A natural outcome of this is that they, along with most of their fellow citizens, can see themselves as a victim of circumstances.

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