Law Payne describes his experience as one in which few find success. This never stopped Law from achieving his dreams and pursuing his passions. He was the first in his family to graduate from college and earn his bachelor's degree and his successes continued to grow after that.

“Raised by a single mom in Oklahoma, I wasn't supposed to achieve the things that I have accomplished. I was the first in my family to graduate from college with a double degree in Business Administration, and since then I have built multiple 7- and 8-figure businesses helping clients in over 100 countries to be in the best shape of their life. . ”Law Payne says.

Taking an interest in both entrepreneurship and fitness, he created several companies that focus on helping both coaches and clients achieve their fitness and nutrition goals. His third business offers quality supplements to customers around the world.

“Both fitness and entrepreneurship have always been one of my passions, and every day I am excited to have the opportunity not only to help my clients and clients achieve their fitness goals but also to train other personal trainers, trainers. fitness consultants and consultants to do the same for their clients through speaking events, consulting, and exclusive groups of masterminds that I have formed.

My three businesses are: 

Online Empire LLC - is a 4-month training program in which we help personal trainers, trainers, and consultants build successful online businesses from A to Z. Hardbody Coaching LLC - is a nutrition-based online business and fitness where we help clients around the world get in their best shape online. Hardbody Supplements LLC: It is a supplement company that offers high-quality products to customers around the world, ”explains Law. 

Law Payne sees himself as his main competitor in all three of his businesses. This helps you stay focused on innovating and improving yourself rather than worrying about constantly changing and keeping up with others.

“I never look at my competition. I am my only competition. I focus on the values that I serve and I try to give more than I receive and I think people see that in me and know how I was raised can say that I am not like the people I compare myself to, ”says Law...

When Law Payne isn't working hard on his business, he spends time at the gym and with his family. What makes all the hardships of a business worthwhile for Law is being able to help his many clients achieve his goals, be they fitness or nutrition. On top of that, he has been able to give back to his mother, who raised him herself so that she is provided for the way he was. 

I bought my mom a new car and moved her into a new house and I am blessed to make sure she has everything she needs so she doesn't have to worry about food or money again. My wife Patricia Payne and I regard that as something we are most proud of. Taking care of others is the WAY says Law Payne

By 2021, Law Payne remains on his current path and ensures that he is providing all those who need his help with any of his business. For those looking to start their own business, Law has some tips for you.

Find a mentor or coach who has done what you want to do and pay for the training and help speed up your success too much advises Law.

To learn more about Law Payne, follow him on Instagram here - and visit his website here.

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