The Law of Attraction works whether we believe it does or not; either way we get to experience what we believe. This is such a radical realization that most never grasp the depth and significance of how this universal law actually works. Humans are electro-magnetic beings for whom reality is a projection from within to without. In other words, we create in our mind first, then energize that thought into physical manifestation and experience.

Because we are presently subject to physicality, to space and time, our best efforts at creation of new realities are not instant. Mercifully, our every thought does not instantly manifest; we can clarify and rethink our desires before they become our experience. This will not always be the case however, nor was it originally meant to be this way.

Through the ages humanity has nurtured stories about how man was once a perfect and powerful being. This original being, Adam, was, for the purpose of his wider experience and deeper learning, made aware of the nakedness of his separation from his Creator. He was cast out of the garden of delights into a place where this essential connectedness to his Creator was hidden under an illusion of total amnesia: his Essence Suppressor Mass of dense energy.

Human kind no longer revelled in the love and joy of knowing they were sons, mirror images, of their Creator, for their amnesia of this fundamental and intrinsic connection wiped their memory of their divine sonship. This has been our lot for eons. We were cast out of the proverbial Garden of Eden, of self awareness of our wisdom, power and creatorship. The subsequent total amnesia of being made in the image of our creator, has offered us the greatest of all challenges: to re-awaken to our spiritual essence and start our return journey into ever growing self realization of ourselves as high beings of pure spiritual light and love.

This is what Ascension is all about. This is why, as new light energies raise the vibration of the heart of mankind, we are waking up to new understanding, deeper self appreciation and a growing sense of wonder and power. Since it is incumbent upon us to break through this dense energy of amnesia of our true spiritual Essence and creator ability, it is vital we start consciously creating our reality the way we want it.

As we decide what we want in our reality experience, we must visualize and feel it as if we already experience it. We actually create our experience, our own universe. Others may play a role as guests in our universe, but we are in charge of our energy and vibration. This is an important concept to understand. You create your own universe through your thoughts. You can ask for what ever you desire. Then believe and allow it to manifest into your experience.

With great and almost universal impact, the Law of Attraction is now a mainstream concept, albeit, still misunderstood by most. You must be unwavering in your trust and loving faith that what you ask for is indeed yours. Think it, feel it, own it. This is the quality of faith Jesus meant when he said you will be able to say to a mountain, get up and move, and it will move as you have instructed.

We offer a simple example: if you want a relationship with a specific person, ask, then believe and allow the universe to bring it to you. In fact, this is your creation and has nothing to do with the other person. It has everything to do with how you think, the purity of your belief, the simplicity of your faith and your absolute conviction that what you ask for is yours. This is how the Law of Attraction works.

You will attract into your experience that with which you are in true vibrational alignment. So whatever good you desire to create in your life, focus on already having it and the universe will deliver it to you, by the Law of Attraction. Again, think it, feel it and own it. You are the creator of your experience; you are the ruler of your universe. Experiment with your creations and have fun doing so.

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