The Law of Attraction takes our thought and then, will turn it into something that which we can feel using our physical senses. The process it undergoes is called manifestation. The Law of Attraction does not manifest randomly, it follows our thoughts. That which we think about the most will be the priority for the Law of Attraction to manifest.

Law of Attraction Concept: What we focus on expands

If we keep giving focus on things we do not want, we will still manifest it. The reason is the Law of Attraction does not know words. The secret is actually the Law of Attraction delivers what we think about; not what we want or what we do not want. So thinking about something too much or deeply will cause the Law of Attraction to proceed with the magical power of creation.

All the above happens because the Law of Attraction have its own rule to follow too. It's called, what we focus on expands. There are two different thoughts; the first is the strong thought and the second is the weak thought. When we focus on something, we create strong thought. The strong thought will soon manifested into our reality world.

Communication with Law of Attraction

Positive and negative are the same for the Law of Attraction. It does not know which one is positive or negative. All the Law of Attraction care about is to manifest what we are focusing. If we say "we do not want" then the Law of Attraction will still proceed with it as if "we do want" it. The Law of Attraction just gives more of the subject we are thinking about.

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This article had been written by Avatar Tamilmagan. He is currently having his own blog providing Law of Attraction guides to those who want to learn how to use the Law of Attraction to manifest their heart desires.