This is worth it's weight in reading!
Those of you who read May's newsletter would know that spirit had been warning me that I was listening to my ipod too much on more than one occasion, & that eventually I lost my ipod! Becasue I wasn't heeding the message. (For those that want to read the whole story it is published on my blog at & titled "a walk on the dark side".)
Well what happened then was incredible, situations manifested in my life that forced me to listen to spirit really carefully & take full responsibility.
It was a difficult period, fraught with emotions coming at me from every direction & making my own feel heavy. But I got down to it , & listened, really really listened.

A month later, I get a phonecall from someone saying they have my ipod! It was as if the universe was saying you've learnt your lesson, you've passed, here's your reward!

Now I have significantly reduced the amount of time I listen to my ipod. At first I actually didn't want to listen to it at all! Like I wouldn't care if it was lost! Which was amazing as I was SO attached! But now I felt so connected to spirit, & it was beautiful, the real sun after the rain, why would I want to drown it out? But now I feel more balanced, Like the pendulum has swung one way & the other & now I can enjoy the beauty of both.

I also started thinking that I would like my website to take off a bit more, maybe enough to drop a days work in Penzance & only go in if I get a booking. I asked a colleague & they said "you need to get a search engine optimiser". I got a quote, for a ridiculous amount of money which left me feeling depressed!
The next morning I am doing the washing up before my work day in Penzance & feeing bad for not leaving the washing uo to the end of the day! (Cornwall's water rates are the highest in the country, the stuff is like liquid gold! People wash their cars at the natural spring down the road!) But I was feed up of having washing up all around all day & wanted to arrive home to a clean house so I treated myself to washing up! Feeling guilty & worrying about how expensive the bill would be!!! When the door knocked. It was a man who had come to read the water meter (it ended up as the cheapest Cornish bill ever!)
I leave the house & walk down the road, thinking I would like a long brown skirt, I pass a charity shop, good as new, hanging outside is a long brown skirt exactly like I wanted, in my size for £1!
I walk down the road & see our competitors have taken on a reader at the same time for cheaper. I don't want to get into fear, poverty consciousness & compition so I figure it is time to give up my day & trust it's time for the website to take off, some how!

I leave for London the next day & stay with a friend. When I arrive, the first thing I see there on the table plain as day is a big book saying "D.I.Y search engine optimisation- an hour a day." Wow! I thought to myself, just what I need! I was confused to why my friend had it as he didn't have a website! He said he was researching in preparation for doing one but that he couldn't go any further with the book right now so I could borrow it!

That was three weeks ago & my site I would say has had its most prosperous couple of weeks yet!

Then on to Michael Jackson...

Once again. I am in London, staying with a friend, when at bedtime we find out the news about the King of Pop. Bless his soul, one that was far too sensitive for the exposure he had in this lifetime, what an experience. Its too late to ring my partner back in Cornwall as I know it would be a definite case of tears at bedtime. As someone in my immediate is an incredibly big fan. So much so, just after they became so only six months ago, the Lyric theatre open up Thriller the musical & I take them to see it, next thing we know Michael is coming to London to play for the first time in years! We paid for tickets. The tickets never arrive. It feels like maybe it's never going to happen..... The week before Michael leaves the world, they proclaim they would cry only if their dad, me or Michael Jackson died... We always spoke about what a good manifestor this person was, now they were worried they were instrumental in his death. We had to do some repairing about good old fashioned intutition.

The morning after, I awake to find a text from one of my Tarot students saying she won't be able to make the share that night as she managed to get tickets for her daughter to see Michael that night & that her daughters a very big fan. I think how strange it is that the last thing I hear is about Michael's depature & the first thing I see is a text about what we were going to do...I send a reply with the sad news... I get one back saying she meant Michael Palin!

I send a text of compassion to this person & leave for work, the first thing I see on the bus shelter is an advert saying "when nothing is black & white anymore, listen in colour" & look down to see at my feet a post-it note saying "get proof of posting" (it turned out later they never recieved my text, I made sure I didn't delete it, because of the post it)

I get to work, I have a reading straight away & see that the client is feeling anxious about a change of status with her parents. I ask her if she is worried about them splitting up. She tells me that one of them passed recently. I ask her if it's her dad. She confirms it is. He is there, I can see him & I go on to describe his appearance, personality & what he passed with. What struck me about this soul was his incredible strength & beauty, that he could pass over any time he chose but that he had stayed behind to help tie things up for his wife & daughter so they could move on quickly. He informed me he would be leaving after eight weeks. She said it was eight weeks today. All the way through I had the name Michael in my head. At the end I told her this but said I didn't know if it was because Michael Jackson had just passed...She told me his name was Michael. At the same time the two colleagues I share the room with are reading for a Michael & a Michaela!

One week later (Friday just gone) exactly the same time as the reading above a lady comes to see me she is worried about the grief someone she loves is going through due to a loss. I once again as if on repeat ask if it's their dad. As soon as I do I get a red cross put through it & it's as if everything slows down. I look at her & this feeling wells up within me & I think "oh god, it's Michael Jackson" I watch her as she takes a deep in breath & all I see is her lips as if in slow motion she says "it's Michael Jackson".
It turns out her partner was his cherographer for "Bad" & taught him the moonwalk & had been a good friend of his ever since.
I am overcome with so much emotion, I find it hard to continue but thankfully it was coming to the end anyway. I go for a walk to ground it. I wonder why that happened. Maybe I need to take more notice of what my family member is going through "listen in colour" but when I arrive home I am happy to she them happy once more.
It seems the O2 are holdingon to my money for now, saying they want the tickets as proof, but they never sent them to me!
The next day I end up reading for Madonna's publicist as she launches at the O2! It seems as if I am getting my money back from them one way or another!

So what is this all about? These days maybe it's hard to tell what we are manifesting, what is synchronicity, what is law off attraction & what is pure old fashioned intuition.

It seems like the ipod stuff was synchronicity. There was intuition about me loosing it, or did I manifest that? Did I also manifest it back to myself on law of attraction or was that synchronicity?

The same goes for the following subjects:
*The water bill
*The skirt
*The Search Engine Optimisation
*The change in work
*The website upping

I will leave you to ponder... But not before I mention that it's important, with all this talk of manifestation work these days not to forget or stop listening to good old fashioned intuition....

Nows a really great time to do more listening to god than your ipod!

Have a tuned in month!

All the best


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My name is Tiffany. I work full time as a Psychic Tarot Reader & Teacher, Reiki Healer & Teacher, Past Life Regressionist & Spiritual Hypnotherapist & Teacher!
I love sharing the messages I get throughout my daily life & hope you get just as much, if not more from reading them.

Warm wishes