Law of Attraction is a principle brought by the New Thought Movement. However it is in modern age, the principle is known as the Law of Attraction. The New Thought Movement originated in United States in late 19th Century causing Spiritual Movement. Although the Law of Attraction principle was introduced during that time, it already been discovered by the previous century. The Bible too have taught the concept that which later became the Law of Attraction.

In the Universe we live, there are laws that controls the movement of everything. To make it all function properly, there are Laws that are working and the Law of Attraction is one of those Universal Laws. It works everywhere in the Universe and the thought we generate in our mind travels very far. Today, Law of Attraction and similar concept, the Mind Power have become philosophical subject that actually can be studied.

Law of Attraction was revealed in the Bible. However, the term Law of Attraction was not used until the modern age introduction of the concept. Even though the Bible had revealed it, it was still kept Secret among many people. Only after the New Thought movement writers started to write about the Law of Attraction concept, it became more known to people. The best Law of Attraction book authors back in previous century is James Allen and Wallace Wattles. James Allen was from United Kingdom and Wallace Wattles was from the America.

Law of Attraction By New Thought Movement

The New Thought Movement wanted to spread the belief that positive thoughts will result in positive outcomes. It was not just belief, it is actually true and working concept. Modern teachers of the concept call this the Law of Attraction. In modern Law of Attraction teachings, we are able to find evidence from the scriptures that there are such power exist in our Universe and within ourself. Besides that, there are people who consciously applied the principles and they have manifested their hearts desires.

Law of Attraction book by the New Thought Writers

The famous New Thought Writers are already mentioned above. Among all the writings written by those writers, the best source of learning the Law of Attraction is the book called "As A Man Thinketh." It was written by James Allen and published in around 100 years ago. It teaches the same belief the New Thought Movement brought and in fact, this book is actually influenced the New Thought Movement itself. Until today, this is the best Law of Attraction book ever written during previous century because the language used is simple and easy to understand.

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