You are a homeowner having a sloping garden, and the first question that comes to your mind is:-

‘Is It Possible To Lay Down Synthetic Grass On A Sloping Garden?”

Truth be told, it very much is possible to do so. There are off-course some key factors that you should consider like the angle of the slope, its excavation, dirt removal, and increased support. One also has to consider the level of the dirt out, rather than removing the higher sections.

Now, the existing dirt cannot be shifted against the structure without the appropriate protection and support (like damp proofing) in place. Or else it can lead to much bigger issues in the near future.

The use of synthetic grass does make maintenance simple. Once they are installed properly; one only needs to brush it semi-regularly to ensure the blades stand-tall and remove loose leaves litters and stop weeds. One doesn’t need to worry about watering, lawn mowing, or about patchy or dry areas which make the rest of the lawn look tired and dismal. 

More good news is there are a variety of synthetic turf options in Mandurah namely Natural Artificial turfs, Crown Artificial turfs or Buffalo Artificial Turfs to go for. Each of them can last a good decade (even two) depending on its little but important maintenance.

Putting Down Artificial Grass On A Sloping Turf:-

Prior to laying down the artificial turf on your sloping garden, the space should be prepared by removing the top-most layer of the dirt and grass. This means removing all little-to-large stones and rocks that are making the ground uneven.

A timber edging needs to be nailed or pinned to the artificial grass from moving around the slope on some activity or sliding down after installation. The next step includes covering up the exposed dirt with a sand and substrate layer to encourage draining through the artificial turf. 

This prevents the water from accumulating on the surface or pooling down the slope as one sees fit. When glueing down the joints; you would want to temporarily fit all these in its proper place to prevent any sort of pulling or movement.

In words of some notable professional landscapers- if there are timber-framed round the whole slope, then you can look to fix or nail all the edge in place after the artificial grass is properly laid out. And once the artificial grass installation is complete, then you should add sand infills to weigh down the newly put grass mainly and to make each grass blade stand straight. 

The last stage is to distribute the sand using a stiff bristle-broom. This will encourage the grass blades to stand straight, thus completing the newly installed garden. 

Capping Off:-

Though creating an attractive artificial sloping garden can be fun; alternatively; you can skip all the troubles and hard-work by hiring an artificial grass expert in Mandurah to do it on behalf. 

Furthermore, they will also advise you quality yet affordable artificial turfs to pick for your customised garden landscaping.

These experts will inspect your sloping garden and incorporate a style customised to their client’s liking. Speak to them today or schedule an appointment.

Author's Bio: 

The author is an artificial grass expert in Mandurah for some time. And being in this industry, the author also has heaps of knowledge about synthetic turf options in Mandurah.