For any business to succeed in the tough competitive world, it requires a big lead generator and a few strategies that can convert the leads into clients. Almost every business person we meet, commercial, marketing or otherwise, has the same complaint – not enough clients.

The potential clients are what that will make your business sail smoothly in the stormy waters and ultimately prove to be your band ambassadors, provided you have used the aces at the right place.

Having a top notch website, with attractive pictures and wonderful content is seriously not enough to generate leads. You need to have a plan in order to attract the leads to convert into clients. And the plan is not going over the top in order to attract leads for your business using traditional marketing tactics alone. In today’s tech savvy world, the consumers are becoming smart and bear in mind, your competition is becoming even more smarter.

Follow these 6 strategies that will grow your leads and with greater number of leads, higher the chances of conversion of leads into clients.

1. Give importance to your homepage

For most marketers, the homepage is of vital importance as clients first check out the homepage of a website and decide if they want to go further through the website. If your website has been promoted properly, there are bound to be increased visitors on your website via other website links, inbound links and intra linking, social media sites and also through search engine pages.

2. Create great content

Great and attractive content will attract more visitors than anything else. The content that is included in your website should be informative and interesting. Having a blog or a eBook is a good way to have the visitors get more information and create an interest towards the website, thereby increasing the visibility of your website. Interesting content also paves way for visitors to delve out their personal information.

3. Direct interaction with the brand

Instead of a general marketing technique, creating a unique marketing experience for the customer will act as a pull for the potential customers and will generate better lead for your brand. He marketing strategy should be such that the customers get to interact directly with the brand instead of simply reading newsletters and emails from the company. A good example is placing interactive posters around where the customers can interact.

4. Read your customers’ behaviour

One aspect that most companies ignore is understanding the behaviour of their potential clients. Research and understand how your potential customers will react and respond to your marketing strategy.

5. Word of mouth marketing

It is a given fact that the most successful bands are not created by just advertising but by the right kind of marketing strategy. One among them is word of mouth marketing. Create an image and reputation that people will talk about and attract other clients and customers to come to you.

6. Create user friendly tools

It might be challenging but creating tools that the users want and are likely to use, will boost your brand image. You will come across as a customer friendly company that gives priority to the customers’ wants and needs.

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