According to recent studies, 1,43,000 people die every year due to lead poisoning. Lead is highly toxic metal and a strong poison. Lead poisoning is a serious issue which can even be fatal in some cases. The damages that are brought about due to lead poisoning cannot be reversed.

Causes :
Lead poisoning is caused when a high level of lead is built up in the body,
Lead is present in low graded paint, gasoline and painted toys.
Lead can also reach our system through contaminated air, water, dust, and food.
Breathing dust contaminated with lead particles.

Low graded paint with contain lead is the main cause for lead poisoning.

Effects :
Young children are more vulnerable to lead poisoning since their brain and nervous system is still developing.
Lead poisoning causes severe mental and physical impairment.
In a few cases, it leads to anaemia, seizures, coma.
Lead poisoning leads to developmental delay, lower IQ, intellectual disabilities and irritability in children.

Lead build up can be diagnosed by Blood Lead Test.

Lead poisoning can be treated for an extent by Chelation therapy but it has side effects such as kidney dysfunction and allergic reaction.

Lead poisoning can be avoided in the following ways :
Use of high-quality paint and paint products.
Do not buy cheap, painted toys.
Make sure children wash their hands before a meal.
Do not consume contaminated food and water.

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