Lead in powdered or granular form finds several applications in a variety of industries. Including:

• Oil and gas exploration
• Radiological Medical protective clothing
• Industrial X-ray shielding
• Golf club manufacturing
• Anti-friction products
• Corrosive resistant paints

This article discusses the production methods for lead powder, gives some details on its application and provides information on Nuclead’s capabilities in this area
Lead Powder Production Methods
Lead powder is often produced by dispersing melted lead. Drops of molten lead are atomized using a jet of high temperature gas. The lead can be introduced into the gas stream in the same direction as the gas flow, by use of an annular nozzle, or the molten lead can be dripped into a perpendicular stream of gas. The first method produces finer lead powder and is therefore more useful in certain applications such as lead bases anti-friction lubricants.

In a typical manufacturing process the lead is melted in a crucible, the liquid metal flows out of an hole, of precise dimensions, in the bottom of the crucible and more molten metal is added to maintain a constant level – this will ensure a constant rate of flow through the hole in the bottom of the crucible. The metal flows into a gas jet that has been heated to about 200oC and is dispersed into small particles up to a few microns in size.

Lead powder can also be produced by electrolysis, though this is not that important a method. Thermolysis, using oleic acid produces very small particles that are suitable for lubricants.

Lead oxide; also know as litharge lead or Lead Monoxide is another form of lead that is produced as a red or yellow crystalline powder. Litharge is produced by contacting molten lead with air. Lead Monoxide is obtained as a crystallized or amorphous power.

Lead Powder Applications

Lead powdered is used in many industries including Oil and gas exploration, Radiological Medical protective clothing, Industrial X-ray shielding, Golf club manufacturing, Anti-friction products.

Powered lead, powdered Babbit and lead oxide have been used in lubricating grease, to reduce or eliminate wear. Lead powder is also used as the basis for some corrosion resistant paints. Lead oxides are used in producing fine “crystal glass” and “flint glass” of a high index of refraction for achromatic lenses.

Powdered Lead in Golf clubs
Custom golf club makers use powdered lead to balance and weight the clubs. There is typically a cavity in the head, accessible through a small hole sealed with a screw. Swing weight can be adjusted by removing this screw, adding a measured amount of powdered lead and replacing and securing the screw with epoxy.

Lead protective clothing
Lead powder incorporated into plastics is used to form sheets of Lead loaded plastic. This is used to make radiation protective clothing and aprons for the medical, scientific and nuclear industries. Lead loaded plastic is also used to make sound insulating barriers.

Lead powder in weapons
In the law enforcement shotgun rounds containing powdered lead are called breaching rounds. They are used on door hinges and handles to gain entry. Generally used by drug, warrant and swat teams. Powdered lead is used to minimize harm to individuals.
Weighted-knuckle gloves, also called sap gloves, are a type of weapon used in hand to hand combat. They consist of a pair of ordinary looking gloves usually made of leather or a synthetic material, with powdered lead sewn into a special pouch covering the knuckles, fingers and the back of the hand. They are primarily used by security professions and private citizens for self-defense.

Lead Powder in the electronics industry
Lead powder is used for manufacturing metal ceramic composites. Also it is used in the manufacture of certain photoconductors which exhibit increased absorption of radiation, increased signal-to-noise ratios, and improved spatial frequency responses
Lead Powder is also used for the preparation of pressed and bonded sputtering targets and in Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) systems.

Applications for litharge
Litharge Lead is a significant product for making Power Cable, Ceramic and storage battery industries as a pigment in certain types of corrosive resistant paints. Litharge lead (with red lead) is used in the production of lead batteries.
It is in important product for manufacturing of Power Cable. And is also used in the ceramic and glass industries.

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