I get tired of knee jerk responses from people who are not willing to question their beliefs.

Beliefs that have been passed down to them by other people who were not willing to question their beliefs.  And so, these unfounded beliefs keep going from person to person, generation to generation, getting more and more murkey and NO ONE is willing to question it.

So, I have an advert running at the moment and it has the picture of a very cool car on it and the question “are you missing something” and of course, I get the stock responses from the super-spiritual christian who talks about not wanting material things and only looking for the kingdom – Why?  Is God only handing out spiritual blessings these days?  Is it too much for the BIG MAN to give you material ones too?  What nonsense!

Or there is the other response about ‘you cannot get rich by being nice’  and you know what, the word ‘nice’ has various meanings…  One where you are trying so hard to please everyone that you become a doormat and frankly if that is the case for you then NO, you will not create wealth or live a life of purpose.
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And then there is the possibility that the person who left this comment thinks that you have to be bad to be rich and if that is the case, I feel pity for this person.  You will never create wealth or have all that much impact while you believe that you have to do bad things in order to make it happen.

And the truth is, the post that the car was advertising had not much to do with these responses.  These people saw a really cool car and got triggered by it.  They maybe want it and are too scared to do what it takes to get it and so they give their knee jerk responses and refuse to see that they get in their own way by believing nonsense.

Please tell me you do not do that.

The truth is, you can’t tell me that because you would not even know that your own beliefs were holding you back.  And unless you are of the questioning type or you are working with someone who can point out that what you are saying makes no sense, you will keep believing the nonsense and getting in your own way forever.

I do this too so I am not just talking to you!  I just put checks and balances in my path in the form of coaches and journal-ing to make sure that I do not keep allowing the nonsense to get in my way.

Do you have any checks and balances?

Or are you walking through life oblivious to the fact that your own beliefs are keeping you from the purpose-driven, wealthy life you desire?

Think about it because honey, the revolution comes and you can be part of it but only if you are willing to face down lies  and weird hand-me-down beliefs that you have not questioned in forever.

Remember that the truth will always stand up to scrutiny so don’t be so afraid of questioning things.

Fight for, create the life, the business you want.

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