Do you think leaders are liars?

A recent PBS show investigated the question - "Are leaders good liars?" According to psychologist Carrie Keating's experiments in human behavior - "the findings seem to demonstrate a correlation between persuasive abilities and dominant behavior." From the corporate world, to the curious gene pool that makes good politicians, the case can be made, according to Ms. Keating, for why leaders are good liars.

It was with disgust that I read these words. Yes, I'm an idealist, but to see the words in black and white struck me hard. I can intellectualize the charisma factor, and sheer force of some personalities, but to bring the "l" word into the leadership realm was disheartening.

That being said- I say it's a bunch of hooey! Yes, I concede the point that some people in lofty positions may be adept at bending the truth, but in my book they are not leaders! To me, a true leader serves others before themselves- in a truthful fashion. Would most of these so called "leaders" in the headlines today pass that test?

I've always believed that corporate leaders gain profits via their people and that the companies with a "soul" outperform all others. I say that we reserve the word "leader" for those who run ethical businesses.

True leaders don't lie and liars should never be put in a position to lead. We should hold people in leadership positions to the highest standards.

Shouldn't telling the truth be a core value for all of us, not just leaders?

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