Being an effective leader means being able to positively influence others.

Here are some examples of behavior that has a positive impact on others:

* Being supportive
* Challenging others to be the best they can be
* Being other-oriented
* Inspiring others
* Modeling positive behaviour for others
* Noticing skills that motivate others
* Promoting skills that motivate others
* Noticing when others are being their best selves
* Acknowledging and appreciating individuals skills and talents
* Bringing out others locked up potential
* Listening to others
* Giving time to others
* Developing others
* Setting an example by continuing to work on yourself

Author's Bio: 

Mary-Ann Owens has been coaching executives since 1999. She is currently completing a PhD in Leadership Development at the University of Calgary. She was the founding President of the Calgary Chapter of the International Coach Federation in 1998. Mary-Ann facilitates leadership development workshops and coaches Managers, Vice Presidents and CEOs in corporations.