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Production is concerned with land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship to earn profit. Leader is the factors that drive long-run economic growth. A leader is someone who provides a direction, instruction, and guidance to their team member by developing business strategies for the purpose of achieving certain goal on time. Leader plays an important role in employee performance and productivity by leading them in the direction of achieving goals. Business Leaders are invaluable when it comes to formulating and communication new strategy direction, as well as interacting and motivating employees to increase employee commitment to organizational goals.

Roles and Responsibilities of Accountable Business Leaders:

Leaders are Representative of the Organization at seminars, conferences, and general meeting.
Business Leaders are Important for getting co-operation in formulation of plans and policies.
Responsible for Business Negotiation on behalf of the team.
Fast Decision - Making ability.
Effective Strategy Development ability to provide a strategic direction.
They are responsible for Conducting Meeting to review team member’s performance.
Team Development is the main responsibility of leaders by providing training and regular performance review.
Tips for Selecting the Best Leadership & Business Development Program:

Content (The Training Topic): When choosing a best training provider to train your employees, one of the most important factors to consider is the content being offered. Great Corporate trainers providers offers customized content and programs that are tailor-fit to the business’s objective. You should also check that your potential training provider can provides training materials and Power Point Presentation (PPT) or Pen drive containing soft copy of course material that trainees can use for future reference.
Experience and Brand Reputation: The organization should investigate about how long they have been in the training business. Check whether they have sufficient knowledge in your required field or topic.The Decision Maker should conduct personal meeting with the training provider to analyze the capability and experience in their particular field. When it comes to the best training provider, reputation is as important as experience.
To check the market reputation of that corporate training company

Do visit Their Company Website.
Check social Reputation of That training provider
Take reference of at least 2 delegates to get the feedback about that company.
Know their Customer Service and flexibility.
Trainer (Course Director) and Delivery Process: You need to find what is their recommended method of delivery. The Training Program is completely dependent on Course Director and how effectively he/she can deliver the training program. Enquire about the Course director expertise and experience being in the same industry. Check their social profile to know more about his experience. Observe industry standards when it comes to training duration as some corporate training companies providers squeeze a 3-days training into just one day.
Fees: Because trainings are important to improve your employees’ skills and growth in the business, you need to be careful in selecting your training provider. Look at the provider’s content, method of delivery, training duration, and fees, meet your company training requirements.

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