Any successful business organization understands how investing in the next generation of leaders is significant to sustaining its competitive advantage, as well as in achieving corporate growth in the long run. This is why it is no longer unusual to have business organizations having some form of leadership development training to help equip its functional managers with advanced decision making and executive skills, which are deemed quite important in becoming successful multifaceted leaders. Having learning and development sessions patterned after the GROW coaching model is one of the many ways to help improve leadership functional managers, and it helps to look more into it.

The GROW coaching model is deemed effective in helping people get things done when it all seems difficult to do so. It is a coaching technique that is also believed to work in helping functional managers become better at what they do. The term GROW is an acronym for goals, reality, options and will. When applied to leadership development training programs, it is believed that the combination will not only help participants find better ways of solving problems, but will also help them better appreciate what needs to be done so they can become better at their leadership.

Like any other learning and development program, it helps to start off with the right foot. In the case of a leadership development training program, this can mean having to identify the goals of the learning activity. And it is important that the goals set are specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and time-bound, so that participants can better translate them to the current reality or environment they are in. This will enable them to better appreciate the different options they have to accomplish the goals that have been set, and develop the will to push through with their efforts.

This is one example of incorporating the GROW coaching model with a leadership training program. It is believed that this integration can help cross functional managers and leaders to have an integrated perception of the fundamentals or basics of management. And with the help of advanced techniques, they will be able to learn how to improve their executive and decision making skills.

Look into having leadership development training programs delivered in a manner that is patterned after the GROW coaching model. It can very well be worth a try and who knows, it might be the answer to the growing and changing learning and development needs of leaders and managers in your organization.

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