To become a great leader or even an average leader you have to develop the ability to lead yourself. Today I want to give you three important reasons how you can start leading yourself. Over the centuries people have looked to leaders to inspire them to do great things, but why do we follow leaders?

#1 Lead By Example

Yes, I know "lead by example" is a cliché, but it is the truth. As followers we want leaders to inspire us to do our best. We learn from a leader by their example. No will follow anyone who is unsuccessful or even mediocre. Go watch a football game and you will see some key offensive or defensive player giving a speech about how they are going to win the football game today. During the football game you will see this same player making key plays by making a great pass or making a big tackle. These players are leading by example and inspiring their teammates to do the same.

Now did the speech inspire his teammates or was it the action he made after giving the speech? If you answered the action then you BestLeadersLead Leadership is How You Lead Yourselfare correct.

Followers love great speeches to inspire us to accomplish our goals, but we still look to see how the leader acts after giving the speech. Leadership is following through with your promises made during a speech. A lack of leadership is giving a great speech, but then not acting on anything you said.

# 2 Leadership Takes Time

Leadership does not happen overnight. You develop leadership by what you do everyday. You may not realize this, but all your co-workers do pay attention to what you do everyday even if you are not a leader. The reason is one day someone who was a so-called average and ordinary person will become a leader.

The leadership was developed during these early days when they were doing what they were told and a little bit more. They never thought they were doing anything special, but customers and co-workers were paying attention. Leadership is a skill, which can be learned and is developed over time. At many companies employees are promoted due to seniority. They started at the company before you and earned the promotion because they were next in line, not because they were better than you.

The promotion usually had little to do with their leadership ability. The reason had to do with they put in enough time on the job and earned the promotion. If this is how your company promotes its new leaders then your company will not exist too much longer. The reason being is the "true" leaders will leave this company and work for a competitor who will value their leadership abilities.

The point is leadership is developed not because of time in a position.

3. Leader Yourself

The final part of leadership is a recap of the first two, but more detail. To become the leader you want to become you need to become your hardest taskmaster. You need to push yourself harder than any boss ever would push you. As stated earlier someone is always watching you to see if you follow through with your promises and commitments. As you complete more and more of your commitments people will start asking you how you accomplish so much.

Becoming a leader comes when you become the leader in your own life. Now you do not necessarily have to be the greatest football player or the CEO of a company to become a leader. The best leader is being the leader in your own family. The person your kids want to be like and respect.

Remember leadership is developed every single day, not just one moment. However, one day you may need to demonstrate your leadership ability at a key moment at your company or for your family. This moment will the culmination of all those little things you did to improve yourself and your leadership. Make sure today counts.

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