Sure you are an excellent leader but you are not perfect. You may ask for feedback and work upon your flaws but there are a few things that no one will tell you. Whether they hope you will understand by yourself or whether they think it is too risky to point out, fact remains that there are some things that you should figure out yourself. Even a great number of aptitude tests will not tell you of these mistakes.
So, how do you figure out what these flaws are and how do you correct them? How do you understand what you are screwing up? Here are three things that many leaders screw up. Read and find out whether you have any of these bad qualities:

Family Issues
It may be your uncle or your niece or your brother. Not many family members actually give in their hundred percent because they think they can get away with anything. Their brother/relative is the boss. They won’t be fired. So they can do whatever they want and get away with it. You might think you are doing justice to everyone and you might think your family members are doing their job. However, things are generally not like that. And this is something no one will ever dare tell you.

You should figure this out yourself through constant vigilance.

Being aggressive is one thing. Being arrogant is extremely different. Aggression is good because it works as a drive at times. It motivates your employees to do better. It instills aggression in them too. However, arrogance will lead to your downfall. Thinking you are the best and you occupy the highest position in the world will just irritate your employees and make them less interested in working for you. There will be no motivation to work. They will work for the sake of it.

Obviously, no one will come and tell you that you should deflate your head a little.

Overstaying your Welcome
Of course you should attend meetings but you shouldn’t overstay. After a point, your team wants to have some space to discuss things without you lurking over them. The same goes with projects. Some projects just don’t work no matter how long you stick to them. You should give up when you know it won’t be successful and concentrate on coming up with something better. Overdoing things will not help you at all. It is important to step aside and let others play a role even though you are qualified. It is important to give your team the flexibility to gather and discuss without you.

Of course, no one will dare tell you about this in his or her feedback.

These are mistakes that you should assess by yourself and rectify as soon as possible.

Entrepreneurial Learning
There are a few things about you that you should understand yourself. There are a few mistakes that no one will point out. These include arrogance, overstaying, and family-related issues. Analyze your habits and be vigilant in order to know if you are committing any of these mistakes. If yes, it is time to rectify them immediately.

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