At Summit, team building programs are designed to create an experience that resonates. It is essential that each program is fun, sophisticated, organizationally appropriate and provide a defined value. Our highly engaging programs are designed for both large groups and small and can be used as an energizer during a conference, as a kick off to a development initiative or as a maintenance piece within a multi-day training solution.

This highly competitive food adventure will challenge teams to create the ultimate culinary masterpiece. A great kick-off to a conference, a pre-dinner event, or anywhere you want to add some fun to your agenda. Breakfast and dessert options are also available.

Get that creative edge as your team produces a series of artistic masterpieces in which each group member contributes their unique ideas, concepts and brushstrokes. This engaging art experience concludes with a stroll through the interactive Art Gallery that allows members to gain the appreciation for the diverse perspectives of your team!

This philanthropic adventure combines digital photography & GPS technology with interactive team initiatives to raise funds for an entrepreneur in a developing country. Teams will be energized by competition while working towards a common goal.

At 8850m Everest are the tallest mountain on earth and one of the most sought-after mountaineering goals. Your team will have a chance to embark on a simulated ascent of this extraordinary mountain as participants make critical decisions that will lead them to the top.

Through demanding tribe challenges, this program will identify key elements that separate teams who simply survive from those who consistently thrive. Add to this an element of Corporate Social Responsibility and you have the makings of a truly meaningful team experience.

Sometimes the best indicator of an organization's success lies beyond the bottom line and can be measured by the impact it has on the community in which it operates. Through a series of competitive challenges, teams will ultimately earn and assemble elements of a prosthetic leg destined for one of our global neighbours in Kenya.

In today's work environment your people are your competitive advantage. And therefore, teamwork is critical. Teamwork is the single most important factor in organizational success. It is what separates the good from the great. Stephen Covey was quoted saying that is it the "front line that produces the bottom line". If all this is true than it is critical you focus on leadership training as it is the leaders that train, develop, and mentor your groups of people into powerful high-performance teams.

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At Summit Team Building we have many different options to offer as you strive to enhance the abilities of your organization's leaders. Give us a call to discuss your needs and to see what we can offer for your leadership training needs. We provide an excellent Leadership Training Mississauga