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As the manager and leader of a group you have to offer the team something which if you weren’t here would not be available. You have to warrant your position, and your pay roll, as a leader/manager. If you offer a team nothing then you are worth nothing to that team and your presence there is pointless. In the current economic market it is more important than ever to show that you are a worthwhile asset to your company regardless of whether you are a manger or not. Companies world wide are now looking to “trim the fat” and dispose of anything or one surplus to requirements.

It is there fore imperative, in all aspects of you work as well when it comes to leadership and management of a team, that you add something to your work or the team that would not have been there without you. Make your presence felt, don’t just sit back and watch other people work, get involved with the project and try to put your own mark on it.

As leader and manager of the project it is your job to try and give the project some direction, you should have in your mind or preferably written down a carefully detailed plan of what is happening, who is doing it and when it should be finished. You should be making sure that this plan is followed out and everyone knows what they are doing. Before anything is started it should be very clear to everyone who is doing what and why.

Overview the project as it unfurls, don’t get bogged down with paperwork and delegate so that this is not the case. It is your responsibility to pay attention to the project as a whole not to concentrate on the day to day minutia.

There are many way that you can make an impression as a leader and team manager, the things to remember are to always have the big picture in mind, stay on top of any organizational duties, make sure everyone knows what they are doing and never rest on your laurels.If you bare these in mind then you should be fine.

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