The reputation and success of every career field depends on the personnel it has employed. This means, the recruitment procedure has to be accurate and strict. It should ensure that only the best out of the lot is selected and follow an unbiased selection procedure. However, there are two such organizations which are highly popular in their respective fields for their commendable work and successful recruitments. They are the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) and the Institute of Banking Personnel (IBPS). Both are effective bodies that work for the government of India but recruit in different sectors. While SSC recruits capable beings for the non-technical posts in government departments, IBPS recruits skillful candidates for the banking sector of India. They have been serving the respective fields for many years now and have a strong influence on the decisions made by the government in the respective fields.
SSC recruits capable individuals for the non-technical posts in various departments of the government.
Some of the posts that it recruits for are junior engineers, statistical investigators, sub-inspectors, divisional accountants, tax assistant, section officer (Audit) etc.
It also conducts type writing test in English and Hindi on periodical basis.
SSC often advises the government on matters concerning the recruitments, and the special cases which require re-evaluation.
The rules and frameworks for recruitment into various posts have been designed by a professional team of SSC.
The main headquarters of SSC are in Delhi. Here they present the annual report and discuss pending matters which follow a conclusion.
IBPS is the leading recruiter in the field of banking and has loyally served the sector for many years now.
It is an autonomous organization which recruits skillful candidates through outsourcing.
It not only recruits them but also conducts training programmes for training and polishing the skills of the candidates.
It works hard towards meeting the needs of its clients with accordance to the banking needs.
This year in 2011, it has introduced the CWE. It will be a common written exam which would allow entry into 19 renowned public sector banks of India.
The candidates who clear this exam will be given a score card. If any vacancy arises in the participating banks, the candidates can present the score card and gain direct entry to the interview level.
Thus, both SSC and IBPS are efficient organizations which aim at building a strong team of highly intellectual candidates in their respective areas. The best part about these bodies is that they do not confine themselves to recruitments. They take active participation in meeting the demands of their clients. For example, the CWE in 2011, proves that IBPS has been studying the problems related to recruitments in banks, very closely, and has come up with a viable solution.

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