There are many leading companies who are specialized in providing successful solutions of health care in the field of pharmacies. They provide their pharmaceutical clients to gain competitive advantage by providing the innovative technology which efficiently manages the whole sale operations together with pharmacy. The ATL FMD systems are the industry leaders which software solutions and are specifically adapted to the need of pharmacy. These integrated solutions are tailored to meet all the business aims and objectives. There are knowledgeable and talented pharmaceutical experts who provide the complete pharmacy management solutions thus create the long term stability for pharmacy and in result provide greater return on investment. It provides the most successful solutions for improving the business performances and increases the profit.
Products Offered by Leading Software of Pharmacies
• Pharmacy Wholesale Software System: The system cloud based software gives the clear accessibility to all the stock levels at different branches and has the unlimited benefits which are as follows:
*Provides full sale and the purchase analysis together with the comparison features of the prices.
*Well manage the recalls, expiry items, product alerts, stock adjustments etc.
*Maintains the sales as well as distribution- sales order, packing slips, invoices, credit notes, labels etc.
• Pharmacy EPOS System: The EPOS systems are specifically designed for pharmacies and the EPOS system of ATL are most powerful with incredible customer experiences as well as are highly interactive. It includes the following important features as given below:
*Quick and easy to use sale systems.
*Intuitive and simple to set up the stock.
*Simple to set up the product linking, price updates, pharmacy service alerts, expiry dates, dead stock etc.
*Set up the promotions with the automatic shelf edge label printings.
*The weekly C&D updates with the comparison report of prices.
*Full-fledge internet functionality for transmitting the purchase orders to the different suppliers.
• Repeat Prescription Management: The Repeat Prescription Management software works independently on any of the pharmacy computers as well as it provides the reminder lists of collections, deliveries or repeat patient requests.
• ATL FMD Connect: It secures the cloud-based applications, which enables the hospitals, pharmacies and the pharmaceutical wholesalers for verifying and decommissioning the packs when dispensing the medicines to the patients according to the Falsified Medicines Directives. The products included in FMD NMVS are the all prescription products except few as specified in the regulation whereas the non-prescription products are not in scope.

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There are many leading companies who are specialized in providing successful solutions of health care in the field of pharmacies.