Softswitch solution and smart VoIP solution offer different types of call routing rules. In this article, you will learn about different call routing rules and more details about the LCR.

Meaning of Least Cost Routing (LCR)

It is the process of choosing the path which is least expensive to route telephonic calls. It can be done for both inbound and outbound communications. The least cost router chooses the cheapest carrier to connect the call. For example, if a telecom company in Bristol is looking for a calling route to Boston, they will evaluate a range of telecom operators in Boston and select the provider which gives the lowest rate.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) System

This tool answers and routes incoming calls to a selective group of agents or terminals. Earlier, the call distribution system was separate hardware. However, in modern times it has become a simple software integrated within the telephony system. This system helps customers of businesses in contacting an advisor 24 x 7 and 365 days a year. Using this tool, the calls always get routed to an active agent, thus preventing lost calls.

Intelligent Call Routing

The Intelligent Call Routing is an enriched form which makes use of the software, specifically, made available in the smart VoIP solutions. This software matches the callers as per their call information to the best agent available for the call. It helps in saving time and enhancing the productivity of a contact center.

Call routing in VoIP software

Similar to the above-explained call routing rules, VoIP routing is an effective option inbuilt in a simple to smart VoIP software. It helps in the transmission of voice traffic over the IP from one destination to another. Routing plays a crucial role in the success of a VoIP business. It helps in controlling the call terminating capacity to different places. In this process, interconnections with various termination providers happen. Both termination providers and interconnections are an essential part of wholesale VoIP business.

Wholesale VoIP business

The model of wholesale VoIP business is very different from the retail one. It is more complex, intricate and requires higher capital investment as well. It deals in bulk volumes of VoIP routings across multiple locations around the world. For this, a good VoIP termination service provider is a must.

LCR in VoIP solution

There are multiple termination points for a single location. LCR helps in selecting the most cost efficient one, thereby increasing the profit margins. The combination of the LCR with Softswitch helps to achieve better results in call routing.

Functioning of LCR

LCR begins after a routing table is created. The routing table matches the telephone dial codes to the list of destination networks in the order of the cost involved. Earlier, routing tables were created manually, but now the entire system is software based as a part of the smart VoIP solution.

LCR and Softswitch

LCR is an integral feature of any modern day Softswitch as a part of the VoIP solution. The correct configuration of the Softswitch and LCR helps in enhancing the productivity of the businesses, thereby resulting in higher profits.

Benefits of LCR for consumers and VoIP solution providers

• Reduced billing by utilizing the LCR traffic optimization system.
• Improved quality of VoIP service.

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