Negligence is one of the commonest reasons that results in the occurrence of medical malpractices. These errors permanently influence the life of the victim. They have to undergo severe injuries and emotional trauma as the result of the malpractice.

Due to the dangerous outcome and the restricted time period for filing a law case, victims need to have a discussion with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer as soon as possible. Learning about the different types of medical malpractice errors will assist you in determining when you have a case.

Faulty diagnosis

Most of the cases of malpractices are qualified as a misdiagnosis. In this case, doctor examines the patient but he fails to identify the right illness. Your doctor can tell you that you don’t have any such illness or can tell you that you have an illness when you don’t have. Both these cases are possible.

Misdiagnosis is counted as a medical malpractice as it prevents the patient from getting the desired treatment. In case of healthy patients who are not correctly examined, the patients can receive treatment that they do not need.

Not all types of misdiagnoses are considered as malpractice. It only happens when the doctor fails to take the action that other doctors would perform in the same treatment situation and that causes harm to them.

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Delayed Diagnosis

In this case, the doctor can form a wrong diagnosis initially but the patient gets the correct and accurate diagnosis later. The delay that happens in diagnosis makes the condition worse the condition as the patient doesn’t receive the essential treatment. For a medical malpractice case to be qualified as a delayed diagnosis, it is important that the doctor assess the patient to be less competent as compared to the other doctors.

Failing to treat the problem

Sometimes a patient may get the assistance of a doctor but is deprived of the recommended treatment. Those situations can lead to a malpractice which will be considered as “failure to treat”.

This situation can occur when doctors treat a lot of patients. This is considered as a scenario where doctors put their own profits over safety. The doctors aren’t diligent to provide the best level of care to treat patients. They can be seen in the form of releasing patient quite early, failing to provide follow-up care, and not referring their patient to a qualified specialist.

Surgery related errors

Surgical errors can occur in the following types of medical malpractice. This includes performing wrong procedure, pointless surgery, surgery that causes damage to nerves, organs, or tissues of the body, providing the wrong quantity of anesthesia, use of unsterilized surgical instruments, leaving medical devices in the body of the patient etc.


So, these are the common types of medical malpractices that happen in the society. Depending on the type of malpractice error, you can find out whether your case falls into the category of compensation.  Assistance of the right medical malpractice attorney lawyer will prove to be guided to sail through this tough time.

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