There are many businessmen who are suffering from problems in finding and then reaching their target audiences. What they actually need is email extractor, with which they can find their clients easily without any stress. Email extraction is an easy and efficient process which enables the business owners to reach particular audiences that they want to target. In this process, the email addresses are extracted from different online and offline sources and a mailing list is obtained. The possible sources from where the email addresses are obtained may include HTTPS protocols, HTTP protocols, search engines, SMTP servers and so on, depending upon the type of extractor tool.

Let us discuss the different types of extractor tools and their different search techniques:

A very common type of email extractor tool is called Email Tarantula, which extracts the mail addresses from search engines, web trade directories, message boards, newsgroups and the URLs generated by dynamic PHP, ASP and CGI etc. It can extract all types of addresses, including mailto addresses. On an average, the tool can generate 500 email addresses per minute. It is the best tool, if the targeted email addresses are to be generated in least possible time.

Another type of mail generator can search mail addresses from well-recognized SMTP servers. The user can choose a particular server from where the mail IDs needs to be generated. This tool is able to generate approximately 500 addresses per minute, just like the above type of tool.

There is another variation of mail extractor tool available, which is named as Email Spider. This tool is so specific that it finds the mail addresses from only those URLs which are specified by the user. The tool is able to crawl any type of URL, including newsgroups, trade message boards and the URLs generated by dynamic ASP, PHP and others. The speed of this type of mail generator is not much, as compared to other 2 software. It generates only 100 mail addresses in the time period of 1 hour. Still, the speed is much more as compared to the speed when the work is done manually.

When one buys an email extractor, one should look for the features such as speed, validity check feature to check the syntax & validity of the addresses, multi-threading capability, email address sorting feature, and the feature to delete duplicate mail addresses. All software products do not contain all the features… but check for those which are essential in one’s business.

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