Gann theory shows the stocks movements when taking into account of the market’s past, present and future. Through analyzing the information of the short-term and long-term highs of market, the angles are sapped for defining the trend of future market. Gann believed in that, the mathematical relationships and the angles of geometrical can helps to predict the movements of future price. Overall theory of Gann is depends on angles.
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Gann Theory is developed in 1935 by William Delbert Gann; he was an American trader and the theorist. Most of the market traders takes their position on the basis of the price and rely on the angles of the Gann.
Gann Angles:
The Gann Theory forecasts the movements of market price using the series of angles. These angles of Gann are drawn on the different points of price. The Gann Angles enables you to see the past, present and future characteristics of the stock price. When the points of price are connected on charts, the calculation of Gann Angles should be done.
Basic of Gann theory:

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In this Article I am telling about William Delbert’s Gann Theory. Most useful tools developed by Mr. Gann including Gann angles, Square of 9, Circle of 360. Gann Theory is an excellent theory, in 1933 Gann made 479 trades and 422 out of 479 were profitable. Use Gann Theory to make profit in your investment.