If you wonder about freezing your embryos or not, this topic will answer your questions. Cryotransfer (transfer of thawed embryos) is a very exciting theme for all IVF couples. 

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Frozen-Thawed embryo transfer is a latest medical procedure used for storage and transfer of excess embryos obtained during IVF, intracytoplasmic sperm injection cycles. In recent years, major improvements in laboratory conditions and limitations on the number of embryos to be transferred have led to a revolutionary and progressive increase in Frozen-Thawed embryo transfer cycles.

In this article, we aim to review the current methods of endometrial preparation in Frozen-Thawed embryo transfer cycles. In light of the current literature, it is very hard to determine which method is best for endometrial preparation process. It is therefore necessary to conduct randomized controlled studies in a prospective design, which will also evaluate the different factors.

The real era of freezing embryos began with the invention of vitrification. This is superfast freezing of embryos, in which the embryo freezes so quickly that the crystals of water do not have time to form, namely these crystals damage the cells during slow freezing. This wonderful method was invented not so long ago, that's why there are a lot of those who remember how unfrozen embryos were frozen with slow freezing. The main thing you need to know:

It is now commonly used for fast freezing (or vitrification),-The survival rate of embryos after defrosting is more than 90%. And if your embryos are among these 90%, then: -The quality of embryos does not suffer from freezing-defrosting.-The quality of embryos does not depend on the duration of storage of embryos (it does not matter if they were frozen 1 hour ago or 100 years ago).-The health of children does not depend on the freezing of embryos (it always depends on two factors: genetics and the influence of the environment.

You can transfer defrosted embryos in 2 different ways:
-If your endometrium develops normally, you can just transfer the embryos and that’s all.
-It is also possible to grow the endometrium with the help of medications.

Fertility patients concerned about the risks of chromosomal abnormalities or that have had an unsuccessful frozen embryo transfer should talk to their fertility specialist about the possibility of performing a Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS).

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