Omega 3 is good known supplement. But taking is without control can cause negative effects.

The benefits of Omega 3 are known to everyone: hormonal balance, cardiovascular action, normalization of skin function, anti-aging effect, fight excess weight, etc.With an excess of Omega 3, all its antioxidant effect are diminished or even lost.
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Excess Omega 3 - a pro oxidant effect - inflammation, diseases of the nervous system, skin problems, tendency to form stones, excess weight, cholesterol.

What to do?
All international congresses on dietetics urge to stop taking omega acids without evidence, to abolish self-targeting.

Here are few things to consider on usage of Omega 3
1. The study of Food Science and Human nutrition shows the dangerous excess of Omega 3: prostate cancer, immunological disorders.

2. Investigation of NIFES: excess sugar in the diet reduces the effect of Omega 3."Moreover, when taking Omega 3 and consuming sugar, behave just like ordinary fatty acids-easily digested and converted from fat! Sugar blocks the property of fish oil to lower cholesterol.

If you eat fish, caviar and even drink Omega 3 preparations and do not reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates, and continue eating flour and sweet, the weight and cholesterol will likely increase anyway. 

3. A Spanish study in Nutrition Reviews analyzed the entire database for omega 3 and no evidence of the effect of Omega 3 on the intellect was found!In the case of children and adolescents fish oil is NOT a must!. The same is true when prescribing drugs to pregnant and lactating women and even in the case of patients with Alzheimer's disease.
To cover the need for Omega 3, 150 grams of fish or seafood, 2-3 times a week, are needed.

4. If your doctor prescribes Omega 3 medicines, do not forget to make a test called Omega 3 index. Few doctors have heard about this analysis, but in the age of personalized medicine - you need to know.

Be sure to take care of the diet: Omega 3 acids are even better absorbed if ingested through the diet and supplements are not always necessary.

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