People come up with different ways to promote their products. However, since a long time, direct selling has been one of the most effective ways to market one’s products. Direct selling is nothing but just as the name implies, promoting the products directly to the potential buyers and turning them into customers. Questnet is one of the leading direct selling companies with a truly global network.

Questnet has, lately, borne the brunt of various false rumours doing the rounds that it is scamming the customers of their money and providing sub standard products. The company uses multi level marketing strategy operating on a huge network of satisfied and happy customers. The customers place a lot of trust in the organization and the company holds great pride in upholding this trust. If a customer is happy with the products and services provided by the firm, then he can become an Individual Representative (IR). The IR can in turn promote and refer the products to other potential customers. The compensation policy is quite simple; an individual representative gets compensation based on the volume of sale made by him. The company, about the company policies, gives all the individual representatives a very rigorous training and reiterate about the ethical practices the IR’s should indulge in.

The biggest misconception that people have is that they confuse the multi level networking with pyramid schemes. In a pyramid scheme, people earn money by referring other people and there are no actual products sold. On the other hand, this company functions on networking and operates on multi level marketing. Here the individuals earn compensation only and only by making a sale and not by referring any amount of people. Using multi level marketing is a legitimate business. Therefore, a few complaints of people, who do not understand the concept of networking and multi level marketing, end up tainting the entire organization.

No business works on its own; one has to make the business work. This plainly implies that every person in every company has to make efforts and try hard in order to earn profit and this company is no exception. Questnet has clearly stated that the individual representatives are not the employees or agents of the company. They are just people who believe in the products and therefore promote it. This makes it very clear that the company is not bound to pay compensation to any IR if they fail to make any sale. Therefore, people’s complaints claiming that the company doesn’t give them compensation are completely baseless, as no one would pay anyone if they fail to work.

A few black sheep end up tainting the entire herd and that is exactly what is acting as a hindrance for this firm. A bunch of people looking to earn easy money and failing to understand the working of a multinational conglomerate like Questnet, end up slinging dirt on the company and spreading rumours about fraud, which are utterly and completely untrue. If a company were indulging in fraudulent practices then it would not be a success for over a decade operating in a global market.

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