Airsoft guns are toy guns which are built to look exactly like real guns. They also have various models like those in real gun categories. Mainly made for entertainment purpose, these guns emit round plastic made pellets which are known as “BBs” when they are triggered. Though these pellets hit the human body, they do not cause severe or fatal injuries like in real guns. The pellets move with a much slower velocity than actual guns.

These replica toy guns are also used for close combat practices. Though used for gaming purposes, these guns are told to be used with utter precaution and should be treated like handling a real gun. Several such cases occur where people get victimised to severe eye injury by the hitting of the BBs. Many times, young people holding an airsoft gun precisely like a real one have been shot by the police who thought the weapon to be authentic.



The most popular type of airsoft gun, these guns use Nickel-Cadmium batteries. Three gears operate inside the gun which compresses and release the piston by turns which helps the BB to get shot out under high pressure. These guns are the most expensive range of airsoft guns; the strength of these guns is 600-900 rounds per minute which is almost comparable to a real steel gun.


These airsoft guns are made for an intermediate level of users. They use 134a greenhouse gas, which is a type of propane to create air pressure and shoot out the pellet. The same gas is used to put the slide back, and recoil is created by cycling back the slide to and fro. These guns allow semi-automatic firing similar to the automatic electric guns. Magazines can be reloaded easily inside it, which makes it an appealing feature to the buyers.


This is generally for the junior level shooters. This gun uses the spring cocking principal. To release a bullet the spring must be cocked each time. These guns are astonishingly hardy. Every airsoft shooter has preferred to start learning with this type of firearm. They come at a very affordable price, which makes it more reachable.

Airsoft guns are the exact replicas of actual guns and pistols, so much that they can even fool avid shooters. When making of wooden and metal replicas of guns seemed quite expensive, these airsoft guns came into use. The pellets shot from these replica guns measure around 6mm in radius. In Asia and Europe, paintball has been recognised as No.1 combat sport. In the US, the legal authorities and government are using airsoft guns on teen gang members so that it serves the purpose without any serious injury. In the film industry also, the crew has shifted to using airsoft guns rather than real weapons to assure safety on the sets. These replica guns have vivid use nowadays.

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