Sochtek: The word e commerce stands for Electronic Commerce. When we buy and sell products electronically then is called as ecommerce. The place where we can buy sell products online over internet is called as ecommerce websites.

And we can say Ecommerce is a medium of trading for goods and services between buyers and sellers through an electronic medium. It’s a paperless exchange of business information in form of goods or services via EDI, Email, electronic funds transfer etc.

Sochtek provides E-commerce Websites Designing and Development in Chandigarh and across the globe.
Under ecommerce websites we use E-Payment systems and these are widely used in e-commerce.

The following are the features of e-commerce
Non cash payment. It can be used by debit, credit card, net banking, etc.
24*7 service availability: It is available any time anywhere day or night
Communication improvement: It provides relevant, faster and efficient communication with customer and partners
Inventory management is automatic and reports get easily generated.
Support: It provide various ways to presales and post sales assistance to provide better services to customer
Improved sales: Order on ecommerce websites can be generated anytime without any human intermediate.
Advertising marketing: It helps in better increment in marketing

The types of e-commerce websites

B2B: It stands for business to business
In this companies doing business to each other

B2C: It stands for Business to Consumers
Companies sell their goods services online to consumers
Ex:, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc

C2C: It stands for Consumers to consumers
Consumer sells their goods, services online to other consumer like Bike, Car, Property, etc
Ex: Olx, Quikr, etc

Advantages of e-commerce websites

Business advantages
Online store
Easy to commence and run
Less overhead cost

Economical Productivity
Decreased managerial cost
Automatic branding at low cost
Save operational costs

Electronic Fund Transfer
Accessibility and Availability
Mobile app and system
Global customers
Any physical Location

Customer Friendly
Delivery of product
Delivery of services
Delivery of information
Pictorial info
Video displaying product and service quality

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Sochtek : It allows website to be designed proficient and professionally. It’s a collection of procedures used to manage the workflow in a collaborative environment. Designing and developing of website at an initial stage is quiet difficult but for managing CMS websites via WordPress is much easier as compared to websites developed on other platforms.