There are plenty of things about us that we do not understand; things that we do not notice or see even when they are available right in front of us. Sometimes those things are abilities that we have long forgotten about and sometimes they are skills that we have earned through time. We might not realize those abilities that we have and so we will think that we are not up to the job. But we are not the only ones capable of seeing. Everyone around is especially those who have been around us for long enough to see something that we do not see. Sometimes they will have greater foresight of our abilities and skills than we do and sometimes they will know the limits that we do not see for our own abilities.
But when we think about it, we believe that we know more about ourselves than anyone else. We think that we know where we stop or how far we can go, better than anyone else. If you think about it, you will realize that this is a lie that our minds tell us. We cannot see our full prospect unless we see it through the eyes of others because they will be to tell us more. They can see the whole image from a bigger perspective that does not stop at where ours do. The people around us will have a stronger vision on what we can do because they can see the whole image from a perspective that is not as emotional or personal as our own as we do with them. You can see where your brother is going in a better way than he can and then you will be able to give them advice to put them on the right direction.

The people around you will show support when they feel that you can do something and then it will be up to you to do it or not. If your boss offers you a job then most likely they know that you are up to it no matter how complicated it is. If your coach tells you to do something it will be because they have faith in your ability and skill and people will never try to put you in danger especially when it comes to the things that you want to do in life. Your friends might prank you every now and then, but that does not mean that they lack vision and that is all they do.
People can help you greatly with the things that you do in life especially when you have people whom you can trust in your life. Yes, they can see you better than you see yourself because even when you look in the mirror, you only see your face and your front and you don't see the whole image. That's why you should allow people to help you out. Have faith in your abilities and listen to what they say. They might convince you to do things that you have always wanted to do yet were very scared.

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