Minimalism is not as simple as getting rid of the extra stuff you have at home but it goes deeper to affect almost all of your life areas.
By making proper use of minimalism you can improve almost all of your life areas and live a better life.
Here are 5 ways minimalism can help you live a better life:
1) Improving your psychological state: It was found that living in a tidy place can have a great positive impact on the person’s mood provided that all other factors are constant. I want you to try this fact yourself. Try to stay in your messed up room for a while then suddenly clean it up completely and you will notice the difference.
2) Working less: Many people don’t know that the reason they work lots of hours per day is that they procrastinate a lot. If your one working hour equals half an hour because of procrastination then you can certainly reduce your working hours to half if you managed to get over procrastination. If you want to be a true minimalist then get rid of procrastination today.
3) Sleeping is harmful!!: Health Researches has shown that people who sleep 8 hours per day have a higher death risk than those who sleep 6 hours per day provided that all other factors are constant. So what about people who sleep for 9, 10 or 11 hours? I am not asking you to sleep for 6 hours but 7 hours are more than enough. Sleeping for 7 hours per day will give you more time to finish your tasks and you will make more achievements in shorter periods of time.
4) Improving your body shape: Many of the known diseases results from overeating! By reducing your food intake you won’t only be helping yourself live a healthy life but you will also improve your body shape, save more money and reduce the time you spend eating. The best advice I have for you when it comes to food is to only eat when you feel Hungary and to leave your table without feeling full.
5) Helping others: When you get rid of the old clothes you never wear or the old stuff you never use you won’t only be helping yourself living in a more tidy place but you will also be helping others who are in need. Give away your old stuff to the people who need it and you will feel great in addition to becoming a minimalist.

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