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My name is Mark Samet. I've been through a long and interesting self development journey. Six years ago, I was literally the "social moron" who couldn't even look people in the eye without feeling nerve-racked about accidentally saying the wrong thing. I struggled to some degree in almost all social situations even if it was at lunch with my own co-workers.

I've always wanted to bring more love and friends into my life, and I thought they'd just magically come to me since I was a "good guy". I was always astonished by people who could naturally charm the crowd and attract key people into their lives.

They always seemed to have what I wanted most ..... SOCIAL HAPPINESS.

I also envied those who could naturally captivate the opposite sex without a hint of that painful struggle. I always thought these people were just born with it.

I just wasn't gifted with it, or so I thought...

.... it was the FATAL mistake that I didn't even realize ....

I had tried a few home courses for gaining better social skills and confidence. Most of the material was purely "technique driven" and hardly improved my inner state. This became extremely frustrating because it was like giving me all these tools, yet never teaching me how to master them in use.

In early 2001, I asked my friend Brian, who works as a hypnotherapist, about my situation. It didn't take us long to figure out that much of it came from my core limiting mindset and its devastating ramifications.

In the coming months, I decided to go through major inner therapy with him. Coupled with another mentor's help on pushing my boundaries, I was eventually able to do what I once thought was impossible - develop not just good ... but AWESOME communication skills. That, in itself, was a miracle for a guy like me.

You Don't Have To Feel The Pain Of Social Inadequacy Ever Again.

Let's be honest for a moment....

It HURTS when it feels like you're boring people around you, like they can just IGNORE you without care.

It can be TERRIFYING to enter a major confrontation or public performance without powerful confidence.

It SUCKS to have social (and maybe even romantic) opportunities ROBBED all the time by your own self talk and mental excuses!

... I tried everything to finally uncover the "magic pill"....

Ever wonder why some people who are neither talented nor physically attractive seem to have that spark? They effortlessly draw people like light does to fireflies.

Does that sound like something you want? Or perhaps you're already good at this, and are seeking to take this to the NEXT LEVEL?


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Learn How To Be Desired By The Opposite Sex