Efficiency is the key to better productivity. Getting more things done in less time is always good. And now with so many free tools and new technologies, it is much easier to get things done faster than ever before. So why not use those tools? One of such tools is Google Docs on Google Drive. It’s an online word processor which allows multiple users to collaborate and work on the same doc simultaneously. No matter where you are, you can access the doc online if you are an authorized collaborator.

Being tech savvy always adds bonus points for you. Here we will learn how to collaborate in Google Docs.

Google Docs, a part of Google apps suite is meant for working together on a project without the need for mailing and downloading it to make the edits. It saves time for the users who can easily make the changes online. Although, it is not featured with advanced editing and formatting options but a basic editing is possible and there also exist the options to put comments on the doc.
Below is the step-by-step guide to create Google Document
1. Sign in into your Google account
2. And now go to drive.google.com
3. Click on Go to Google Drive
4. Click on My Drive, a list of options are displayed
5. Now click on Document
6. A new online Google doc is opened
7. You can work on it typically as you work on a Word Document.

How to collaborate Google Document with other contributors:
Once the file name is created for the Google Doc, it’s ready to be shared with other collaborators for edits and comments. Just click on ‘share’ and enter the names or email addresses of the users you want it to be shared with. You can also choose what they can do with your Google Doc. There are permission level options as ‘can edit’, ‘can comment’ and ‘can view’. You can choose how far you want to allow the access for the contributors and share it.

When the Document is shared, the collaborators will receive the link of this online Google Doc in a mail. Just by a click on the link they can access the doc to view, comment or even edit it. All this is possible online. There is no need to upload or download the doc on the device to edit it.

Furthermore, you can even be able to track entire edit/revision history. Real-time actions on the doc can also be seen. Users are able to see who is viewing the doc, who is commenting on it and who is editing and what is being edited. The users active on the online doc are visible on the upper right and the edits appear with the name of users editing it. Edits made are saved automatically every minute. So there is no loss of effort with online Google Docs.

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