How did you feel the last time you were criticized?
Am sure you felt bad because no one likes to be criticized however the real problem with criticism is not that is hurts but the real problem is that it ruin one’s self confidence if the wrong actions were taken.
Most people do certain mistakes when someone criticizes them that allow the critical comment to lower their self confidence.
In this post I will you about the right actions you should take when being criticized so that you can maintain your self confidence.
The wrong things that people do when they get criticized:
1) They mistakenly assume that the person who criticized them is pointing out one of their defects:
If a person’s performance at work wasn’t that good then someone told him that he is dumb after doing a certain action (that is not related to work) he might believe that the person who criticized him is referring to his incompetence while this might not be true at all. Our minds works that way, when we have certain self doubts we will quickly assume that someone is trying to point out our flaws as soon as her criticizes us.

If you want to prevent criticism from affecting your self esteem then you must never make false conclusions that are biased towards your own belief system.

2) They recall all related comments:
If a person was told that he is not attractive then most probably he will recall all the similar comments that he has ever received that are related to that matter. Not only will that person do that but he might also recall situations where he was rejected then conclude that he was rejected because of his looks.

This is one of the actions that ruins self confidence because the person’s brain becomes like a magnet that recalls all bad events and that gives them completely wrong meanings!! If you want to prevent criticism from affecting your self esteem then you must never make incorrect assumptions without having solid data.
3) They assume that super heroes criticized them
Most people assume that super heroes who has no flaws criticized them without putting in mind that a normal human being makes cognitive mistakes, usually has opinions that are biased to his own belief system and sees a different reality than the one he is living.

Most people make incorrect judgments about the world and others. Racism, jealousy, hatred, insecurity and fear are all reasons that could motivate someone to criticize someone else even if he was really good.

Its completely important that give people’s opinion the real weight it deserves instead of assuming that each critical comment you get is a God sent word that must be true.

Final words about handling criticism
Criticism only hurts when you have self doubts or when you are unsure of yourself. If you managed to get rid of your self doubts and raise your self esteem then certainly criticism will affect you much less.

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