We all have important goals that we want to reach but because life is full of events that distracts us many of us forget about their goals after some time or at least procrastinate so much and the result in both cases is not reaching them before their deadlines.
I have thought for days and days about ways that can help you remember your goals all the time and I came up with 7 powerful methods that can help you do so,
here they are:
1) Visualize your goals each morning and each night: if you developed the habit of visualizing your goals each morning and each night then you will certainly never forget about them.
2) Use a symbol that reminds you of your goals: Draw any symbol that reminds you of your goals then put it everywhere so that you can remember your goals whenever you see it.
3) Remind yourself of the reasons you are perusing this goal: one of the powerful methods that can prevent you from forgetting about a goal or procrastinating is to remind yourself everyday of the reasons you are perusing that goal. If the reasons were strong enough then you will never procrastinate
4) Trigger your emotions: Don’t you sometimes find yourself eager to reach your goals after going through a certain experience? Some experiences can trigger your emotions and stir them in such a way that makes you eager to reach your goal. Here is a simple example if you want to own a Ferrari then why not go for a test drive today? That will stir your emotions so much!
5) Utilize the media: Am sure there are songs that remind you of your goals. Why not listen to them all the time? Or whenever you get the chance? I am sure that there are movies that remind you of your goals, why not watch them whenever possible? Utilize the media to keep your goals in your mind all the time.
6) Talk about them: Don’t make the mistake of talking about your goal in front of everybody because many people will put you down but instead find out people that you trust then talk about your goals in front of them whenever possible. Be cautious not to make anyone jealous and its preferable that you appear to be asking for advice rather than showing off your goals.
7) Write them down each day: Writing is known for its ability to insert the written information in the subconscious mind. Whenever you write your goals you will believe in them even more and you will become more eager to reach them. Try to write your goals once every day if that’s possible. It wont take you a minute !

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