Learn to Walk on Water

If you have lived to see adulthood you probably know that sometimes life can throw some real serious curveballs our way. There is no such word as fair because life will do whatever it pleases whenever it pleases to whoever it wants to do it to. Sometimes the good suffer worse than those who are not so good. Regardless of your lot in life you have much to be thankful for. No matter how bad things may seem to be there is always someone in worse shape. If you look long enough I guarantee that you will find a person with worse problems than you have who is actually happy. That person has learned one important key. That key is to walk by faith and not by what the situation may appear to be.

I learned one very important thing while studying my bible not long ago. I was reading the story of when Jesus told his disciples that they were going to the other side of a body of water. The interesting thing was that a storm came up which seemed like it would sink the boat that they were in. The key is that Jesus was in the boat with them. They didn't regard his presence but looked at the potential hazard of the situation that they were in and reacted according to that. The storm was frightening and yes it was real. The water was high and raging. No doubt it was filling up the boat that they were in. I'm sure that they could feel the howling wind and stinging rain. They had evert right to be afraid. They had to ask Jesus the same question that you or I would have asked him. "Don't you care that we are about to die?"

Jesus had been asleep in the ship. He was not worried about not making it across because he had already spoken the word to the situation that they were about to get into. God allowed this to happen for many reasons but the reason that I want t focus on in this article is that this is meant to be a lesson to us.

God spoke the word to them before the trip began and he wasn't confused about the outcome. He didn't prevent the storm because it didn't matter. He is not affected by emotions and fear so the situations that he allows in our lives mean nothing to him no matter. How big that they are to us. This is why he is less patient with people who have been saved for a while because they should know better. I liken it to the young child. The baby who wets his diaper won’t be punished but the three year old will because he should know better.

The story tells of one of how he seemed to be upset at being awakened and stood up and spoke to the storm. The instant that he commanded peace the wind and waves obeyed his commands and stood still. He never even acknowledged the storm but upbraided his disciples for not having faith. Do you see where I'm going with this? We need to look at the situations and circumstances that we go through in the same manner if we believe in and have faith in God.

I have learned that the storms of life are an opportunity to walk on water. If you can have greater faith in God than you have in your problem them you will overcome the problem. The more severe the problem, the greater the opportunity to walk on water. You can’t stop life from throwing problems at you so you need to learn to overcome them and not worry. The Good Life


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