Upholstered furniture are a part of both commercial and residential spaces. However, they are more dominantly found in offices and various other commercial establishments. If you own an office space and have a considerable number of upholstered furniture around, it is vital you realise the fact that these soft cushioned furniture are secretly covering up plenty of things. From coins and chips, to breadcrumbs and a lot of other things which have already got icky over time, the upholstered furniture at your office space has been making room for all these elements. Besides if we delve deep into the story we will get to know a lot of other not-so-desirable elements like microbes which have been hideously making home out of your beautiful furniture. 

If your office has a significant number of upholstered sofas, chairs and couches at the lobby or waiting areas an office upholstery cleaning company in Melbourne is the best to help. 


Textured fabrics are part of the upholstered furniture. They are made from wool, cotton, linen, and even polyester which make room for microbes that soon make a breeding ground out of your prized furniture. Harmful microorganisms like bacteria thrive in moist and warm environments where there is plenty of food spills or traces of faecal matter. Also, a lot of other viruses track inside making it more obvious for office owners to invest in professional upholstery cleaning services. The best part about seeking professional cleaning services is it involves minimum usage of moisture and hence the surfaces dry up quickly. 


Next, allergens too should not be ruled out when all you desire for is giving your employees a healthy environment to work. Dander and pollen are commonly found on upholstery. These elements can trigger health issues among workers who spend at least 9 hours in office. That’s why our experts always recommend commercial upholstery cleaning in Camberwell.  It is a fact, allergens affect people who are asthmatic or have a weak immune system. However, upholstery cleaning is an effective approach to eliminate such contaminants. With the help of upholstery cleaning it is possible to extract and flush out microbial growth. Usually experts will perform high temperature cleaning applications involving effective cleaning agents which breathe life into the furniture. 

Grease and oil 

Employees never like to get welcomed to office spaces which are smelly and unimpressive. A chief reason leading to such awkward smelliness of upholstered furniture is grease. Did you know human skin, hair and sweat produces oil which gradually gets trapped in fabric of upholsteries? With time such grease and oil build-ups attract bacteria and other microbes, contaminating the working environment and triggering illness among workers. Since human skin is porous it absorbs particles and thus likelihood of workers falling sick while working at office becomes commonplace. 


It’s hard for your employees to control spillage during their tenure at the office. Furthermore such spillage allows moisture to seep deep into the layers of the upholsteries paving way for a breeding ground for moulds. These mould spores thrive best in a moistened environment and slowly start multiplying. Later as they penetrate more into the fabric the furniture gets destroyed. 

Upholstery protection 

After you have invested a substantial sum in buying upholstered furniture, it is your duty to restore its beauty and functionality which is possible with upholstery cleaning, a significant activity to maintain upholstered furniture. At times when you need quick cleaning of the upholsteries, the same day office upholstery cleaning service in Melbourne comes to your rescue. The cleaning professionals will apply fabric protectors which extend the life of the fabric. The fabric protector will infuse surface materials and fill up tiny pores on the fabric to block spills from penetrating into the underlying layers. 

These are some vital reasons why commercial space owners should take upholstery cleaning on a serious note and include the service into a checklist of daily activities. 

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The author runs an office upholstery cleaning company in Melbourne. In recent times the author has been shedding light on upholstery maintenance related matters.