The science of healing and dealing with exact formulations and estimations based on the Vedic principles is Neuropathy. The diseases of the body occur due to the imbalances and impurities within. By removing these imbalances and impurities, one is able to heal the ailment the person is suffering from at the time.

One can understand what is happening inside the body by studying the electroencephalograph (EEG). In this, they place electrodes on the head of the patient and record the electromagnetic waves as seen in the EEG. The study of the clinical symptoms through the EEG helps the practitioner analyse the functioning of the organs and thereby deduce a treatment procedure. The various Neuropathy Books in Delhi libraries or at book stores will help you know more about this treatment.

Unique scientific method of treatment

The basis of the treatment involves identifying the pain points and studying the way the patient reacts to them. These pain points move around the body and on a specific day, it will manifest at some places. You can alter or suppress these points by applying pressure at the right places. This helps the practitioner to identify the malady and bring about the cure. Since these have a basis on exact scientific formulae written in the books, one can read about it and learn the treatment procedure too.

Through Neuropathy, it is possible to work out different permutations for the pain location and seek numerous solutions for the ailment. You coax the body into healing itself by altering the air (Vata), water (Kapha), and bile (Pitta) components in the diet and lifestyle of the patient. The uniqueness of the therapy is in the way it takes into account the personality and lifestyle of the person. This is because the personality will change the air-water-bile components.

Treat a wide range of ailments

One can address a variety of complaints such as Attention Deficiency Disorder, blood pressure problem, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Autism, and Anxiety among many others. In Neurotherapy, the main input is from the brain. Through the change in the diet practices, the brain waves remain rectified to act in a healthy way. There are many Neuropathy books in Delhi on the subject that tell you these things in detail.

The therapy will cover those aspects of support for the patient as they progress through the treatment in stages. This will include emotional and cognitive support to complete the process of healing. One can get training to understand the brain studies and the stress patterns relationship. They get to understand how the neuro feedback training helps motivate the self-regulation of the brain. If you are a physician you can provide the Neurotherapy to your patients too. By giving adjunctive treatment, you can improve their cognitive functioning and help lower their stress levels.

Good scope for earning

This is a fast developing field of brain study and treatment process. By involving in the learning mechanism, you develop a deeper understanding of the applications. You can see how this changes the physical, mental, and emotional states in the patient. This is a scientifically evaluated method which is useful for giving benefit for the patient. You will get paid more if you become a certified Neurotherapy provider.

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