Our motto is to help our students bring themselves closer to fluency while teaching them the helpful lessons involved in getting to know a new culture. Year after year, new students get to know us for the first time, while old students return to continue their Spanish studies with us. Our time-tested methods and commitment to our students have helped to attract students from nearly every continent on the earth.

Whether it's a one-week language knowledge program or an entire semester, we will do everything in our power to make your stay an unforgettable one. We look forward to welcoming you to our community here at The Center for grammatical & Multicultural Studies and hope that you will make us part of your journey to Spanish language fluency.

The Spanish Institute is a highly regarded Spanish Language School specialized in teaching the Spanish language and its culture through 8 levels of an Intensive Immersion program in Mexico. In this Spanish Institute, we offer different levels to our Students so that they can learn from 1 level to all 8 levels. Our Spanish Language School has provided an intensive Spanish immersion program for over 30 years to the students, professionals from all fields and seniors from more than 60 countries so that they can learn Spanish from the scratch.

Our functional approach to language purchase highlight in using Spanish in the genuine and various situation. We have a “communicative” focus, concentrating on verbal interaction in Spanish apart from this Spanish institute in Mexico offer to visit many historical sites so that the student get to know more about the origin of this language. Our formal classes are dedicated to get the knowledge the structure of the language we offer comprehension, linguistics, reading and writing and the conversation portion of the program to use the Spanish language, the key to really mastering it.

We offer online Spanish courses to the people who are working and don’t have time to learn Spanish in the institute. If you are not in Mexico even though you can enroll yourself on the website and learn Spanish easily without any hurdle. We give online study material to our online students so that they can do practice and if they have any kind of doubt they can ask our experts.
A Spanish course in Mexico City will open your eyes and you get to know more about the most exciting cities in the world!

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