I tend to be a binge worker. My most productive times are when I immerse myself in a project and get a days, or even a week’s worth of work done in one sitting. It has always been like this and so I never really thought about why I was like that. I know that when I am most productive I become very focused, I am totally in the moment and the plan that I have for the project seems to become very clear. I go into a certain type of trance where time and space seem to meld together.
Have you ever experienced those magical moments when you lose yourself in whatever you are doing. Time seems to speed by and all you feel oblivious to what is going on around you? This experience is called flow and it happens to everyone at one time or another throughout their lives. It helps us become super productive and allows us to be totally in the moment.
When you are in the state of flow you feel almost euphoric, you can clearly see what you need to do and how you need to do it. It is like a higher state of mind that allows you to function at a higher level. Flow also makes you feel happier overall, which is something we all desire. Creating the state of flow more often can help you to increase your overall happiness level.

Below are 7 characteristics of flow. You have totally lost track of time and space, you are in your own reality;

1. You are completely focused on what you’re doing
2. You are fully able to concentrate and focus
3. You are n the moment fully and completely
4. You feel almost like you are in another reality
5. You feel very clear on what you need to do next, you have a clear path that you are following
6. You feel relaxed, happy and without any worry

So how can you create this coveted state of mind that essentially boosts your productivity and your happiness level? It’s not easy but you can do it by following the following the 5 keys to creating flow below.

1. Choose your project well. Making sure that when you sit down to work on a project that is challenging and meaningful will help you to create that flow that you are looking for.

2. Plan to plan No one expects to find their way out of a large forest without having at least a map, a compass and an idea of how to use them to get their bearings. Its the same thing with completing projects. You need to have a clear plan of what you need to do in order for them to go smoothly. Take a few minutes just to run through what you need to do in your head before beginning. It will get yourself conscious mind ready to focus on your goal.

3. Create the right space. Distractions can prevent you from creating and maintaining a state of flow. The can create frustration, disrupt your concentration and take you off track. Before you plan on going into a state of flow make sure you have everything you need within reach and that you will not be interrupted.

4. Give yourself enough time. There is really nothing worse than getting into a state of flow and having to stop what you are doing because you did not give yourself enough time. Try delegating 90 minute slots to creating a state of flow when working on projects.

5. Control your mindset. How you feel and what you are thinking about before you sit down to do your project can either hinder or help you with achieving your goal. When you want to go into a state of flow make sure that you are calm, centered and have a clear plan in mind. It helps to do some deep breathing, meditating or affirmations before you begin just to ground you and your mindset and prepare you for focusing and being in the moment.

Now it’s time to try it. One trick I find helpful is to try creating flow at optimum times of day. We all have an internal clock that allows us to be more productive at certain times of day and feel mellow at others. Try to choose a time of day that you are most likely to go into flow and you will have better luck

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Drifa Ulfarsdottir is a certified professional coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation who specializes in work life balance coaching for mompreneurs, She is the founder and coach at Balanced Mompreneur and a premiere coach with Coaching Cognition.
Drifa is a mother of 4 that has been balancing running a household, juggling a family and running a business for over 15 years. This experience led her to specialize in helping other woman deal with the sometimes overwhelming task of raising a family, running a household and being an entrepreneur.
Drifa is the author of 5 Secrets to Running Your Family and Business Like a Well Oiled Machine, The Self Confidence Report and The Work Life Balance Life Plan among other things.
Drifa´s passion for coaching is reflected in her coaching style which is characterized by its no nonsense, effective and to the point style. Drifa brings positivity, unwavering support and a safe environment to her coaching to her clients. Drifa´s clients experience a newfound awareness and direction during their coaching sessions allowing them to reach their goals and lead happier and more balanced lives.
Drifa offers effecting coaching solutions to mompreneurs to help them create greater balance between their business and their family enriching both their personal and professional lives. To contact Drifa or to book a free consultation please visit her website http://balancedmompreneur.com