A planting strip of nearly two to three meters beside the sidewalk is beneficial in many ways. Sidewalk itself holds great significance in the new york city. it is used in maintaining the safety and comfort of pedestrians. A well-built and well-maintained sidewalk encourages people to walk more than driving. This gradually may result in a pollution-free, healthy environment. Therefore, maintaining the sidewalks properly is important. Being a property owner, or an individual, responsible for the maintenance of any sidewalk, you must go for efficient sidewalk repair NYC whenever you see any single sign of damage on the sidewalk. Plantation beside the sidewalk is a simple, useful, and cost-effective way to keep the sidewalk well-maintained. Plant-lined sidewalks help in street improvement. Let’s divide the benefits into three categories. The first one is the environmental benefits. The benefits under this category are listed below:

Water management: The plantation beside the sidewalk helps to manage the stormwater runoff. This reduces the risk of flooding. Even if there is excessive rainfall or a poor drainage system, the vegetation manages the water well. And thus the sidewalk becomes long-lasting.

Prevents soil erosion: Soil erosion reduces the lifespan of the sidewalk. Due to heavy rainfall and other causes, soils from the areas adjacent to the sidewalk may get washed off and this weakens the base of the sidewalk. Plantation beside the sidewalk prevents this to happen.

Reduces urban heat effect: The plants beside the sidewalk reduces the urban heat effect and maintains the balance of the temperature in the environment. Plant-lined sidewalks in NYC thus help to keep the environment healthy.

The second category of benefits is public safety and health. By lessening the speed of road traffic, it reduces the risk of accidents. Sidewalk repair specialists in NYC therefore suggest plant-lined sidewalks to ensure the safety of the pedestrians. Alongside this, decorative sidewalks with plants beside it motivate the people to develop a walking habit. This reduces pollution that comes out of driving vehicles and walking keeps the people physically and mentally active.

The third category is economic benefits. The benefits under this category are as follows:

Increases commercial sales: Well-maintained sidewalks with beautiful plantation attracts the people. As per the survey, the areas with landscaped sidewalks drive more commercial sales than the ones with non-landscaped areas.

Enhances property values: Sidewalks with decorative plantation increases the property value of any establishment. Due to this reason, many of the builders and homeowners now prefer plant-lined sidewalks. When it comes to sidewalk repair NYC, people now go for this eco-friendly, useful option of the plant-lined sidewalk.

Considering all of these benefits, nowadays most of the sidewalk violation removal services in NYC recommend adding plant strips beside the sidewalks.

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