What can be a better symbol for your love than a beautiful diamond. While it is expensive, it is worth it just to see the happiness in your fiancée’s eyes. However, you might have the unpleasant surprise of discovering that you wasted all your money on a worthless piece of glass.

Unfortunately, there are many people who are trying to trick others so it is very important that you are careful when you make a purchase. Today we will show you to tell if a diamond is real or not so you won’t be fooled by anyone.

Does the diamond fog up

This is a simple test that you can do right away. A stone that is synthetic won’t be able to absorb any heat so it won’t fog up. Meanwhile, a real diamond will fog up right away. You should be able to try this even in a store since it takes just a few seconds and it will show the truth.

The way it sparkles

Placing your diamond in the light should show if it a real one or not. More specifically, the way it sparkles will reveal if it is a fake. An imitation will show rainbow colors when it is held into the light, while a real one will look white inside.

Make sure that the diamond has a certification

Whether we are talking about diamonds, loose sapphire gemstones or any other precious gemstones, it is crucial that they have the proper certification. A grading report can be emitted by any grading authority such as AGS, GIA, IGI and independent appraisers. The report should prove to you that the gemstone is authentic and not worthless.

The way it is set

The setting of the diamond can show you the truth most of the times. The metal that is used for the diamond has to be a good one. If there is a poor quality metal you should see a stamp like C.Z, which means that the stone is not real.

Meanwhile, if it is an actual diamond, 10K, 14 K or 18 K gold should be used for it. In these case you should see stamps such as 585, 750, 900, 950, PT, or Plat.

Look at the light

It can be difficult to tell if your diamond is a fake, but there is another thing that should reveal the truth. If the diamond is a real one, and it is mounted, you won’t see through it to the bottom of it. You can also do this test with an unmounted diamond by placing it down on a book page for example. You should not be able to see the words through it if the diamond is real, because of the way light passes through its facets.

The reflection can also be an important clue. A fake diamond will reflect rainbow colors so you should tell right away if it is not the real deal. Meanwhile, an actual diamond will reflect light in shades of gray.

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