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Launched on March 24, 2001, Big Dogs is now one of the longest continuously-running programs on the Internet! 90% of web-based companies "fold" within six months, and only 2% are still in business after two years.

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"Greetings, fellow entrepreneur. My name is
Stan Stuchinski, and yes..."

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Our office is located at 506 Allegheny Street,
in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania 16648.
Our email address is,
and our phone number is 814-696-0469.

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I get up every morning around 5:00 A.M. Not because I have to, but because I like to. Getting up at dawn just makes me feel like I’m getting a jump on everything and everybody. I begin my "work" day by running commission reports from the various companies with whom I do business online. It tickles me to death to see how much money I made while I was asleep. I then answer my email correspondence. Around 7:15 I take a short break and get together with the guys for coffee. When I return home I do my daily advertising and promotional chores – all in less than an hour!

By 8:30 A.M. I’m pretty much done "working" for the day, and I’m at the gym for my daily workout.

Last year I put $75,000 in my pocket!

So go ahead, ask me. Ask me if I like marketing on the Internet…

Now, I’m NOT going to tell you some "rags to riches" story, about how I was living in a cardboard box on the street, and then overnight I became an Internet millionaire. The fact is, I had been doing quite well in various offline businesses since I graduated from college. In 1998, my last full year doing business off-line, these were just SOME of my expenses:

Office Rental: $1,200 per month
Telephone: $ 450 per month
Postage: $ 900 per month
Printing: $1,500 per month
Employee Wages: $4,500 per month

Pretty typical for any business in the offline world. But, now… doing business exclusively on the net, I work from my study, so I have no office rent to pay – what I used to have to pay employees to do, I can now perform myself in one tenth the time using various software applications – my printing costs, of course, are zero, and my postage costs are a thing of the past.

Now ask me AGAIN if I like marketing on the internet!

But before I answer, let me explain that not long ago the Internet was foreign territory to me. Oh, I was familiar with computers and the Internet. My old off-line business made use of word processors and databases and such. And of course, I did my share of surfing for "cool" things, and I occasionally used email to communicate with friends. But that was the extent of it.

"Quite frankly, I viewed Internet marketing as a joke!"

My offline business was successful and I was making a nice living at it, but by the summer of 1999, I noticed something. More and more of my clients and prospects, rather than asking me to send them information about my company and products, were simply asking me, "What is the URL of your website?"

People were starting to take for granted that for a company to be a "real" business, why, it HAD to have a website!

So I put up my first website – NOT because I expected to become a "dotcom millionaire" – but ONLY so I would have a website to direct clients to when they asked. Pretty much just for "show" – for public perception.

Understand that at this time, I STILL felt that the Internet, while a cute "toy," was worthless for doing REAL business.

But YOU know how it is…

…once you get online with a website, you start to spend more and more time surfing and discovering new things. I was no exception, and I began to be intrigued by all the programs, products, and services that were being advertised. "Hmmm," I was beginning to think. "Maybe there IS something to this Internet marketing stuff, after all."

"Thus began my personal 'year of horror!'"

There was THIS program and THAT program – there was all this neat "stuff" that was GUARANTEED to make me a gazillionaire – all I had to do was hit the "enter" key once or twice a month, and in NO time I would be on easy street.

(I TOLD you I was naïve about the Internet!)

By year’s end I had spent literally THOUSANDS of dollars and hundreds and HUNDREDS of hours online. One of the things I came to realize was that 90% of the stuff I was buying (and wasting time with!) just plain didn’t work! I don’t even want to THINK about how many times I got to the point where I wanted to scream and shout and take a hammer to my computer.

(Have YOU ever felt like that!?)

There were times when, quite frankly, I think I wanted to just sit in a corner and cry. I was THAT frustrated! I was spending a small FORTUNE in time and money, and had NOTHING to show for it!

Author's Bio: 

Internet Marketer For 18 Years Now.