Seduction is a process of building up attraction and developing trust to your woman. Just like any other reaction that requires a catalyst to reach the optimum standards, seduction is a catalyst that helps you to win a woman over.
In most cases, man bears the responsibility of seduction. You should understand very best tips of seducing a woman as a man. The process of seduction demands that it should be unique and very captivating to the woman whom you are focusing on.

1.Look your best
The physical appearance tells more about your character. Your mode of dressing and behavior should be up to your level best. By looking attractive, you tend to draw the attention of women.

2.Use polite language
This is the key point that triggers the attention to your lady about the love an d affection that you have for her .Women are very sensitive on cruelty and therefore the language you use should be friendly.

3.Be confident
You should be confident during the chat with your woman about the love and affection you have for her. You should avoid beating about the bush and just bring the topic up without any fear. Confidence plays a crucial role in your talk with your woman to signify the seriousness in you about the issue.

4.Kiss her lightly as you play with her hair
As the saying spells out that we should take one-step at a time, you should not rush into attempting to lie your woman down without clearing up the barriers between you. The ice should be broken gradually through romantic talks and gentle touches on her erogenous zones. These involve kissing her lightly on the face and on her neck. Playing with her hair also contributes largely in releasing the cat out of the bag.

5.Seek for privacy
It the woman does not seem to comply fully, it might be because of shyness. If you are in a public place, you should consider shifting to a secluded area. You should do this in a way that she would not understand easily as you tease her with words to challenge her to show up without having to shy off. While in your secluded zone, you should increase the intensity of kissing and the touching until she finally let go.

If you manage your time wisely and follow these steps keenly, you will surely win over the woman. If you follow these five tips to seduce women, you will find it is easy to have sex with a woman. All you have to remember seduction is a process of building up attraction and developing trust. If you learn these methods and practice them, you will find it is a simple process to seduce a woman.

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