Marketing is a field that is cultivated to nurture ambitious individuals that drive on the passion to succeed. With increase in the zealous candidates knocking on the doors of multinational companies equipped with high end degrees and a never ending list of credits to their benefits, the chances of an average person to get into the field is very rare. The conventional marketing techniques support only the creamy layer of people while the average person is shadowed due to lack of education and experience. Hence the rise of the multi level marketing enterprise redefined conventionalities in marketing by introducing techniques formulated to aid the average public as well the well qualified ones. The Questnet fraud created a lot of chaos regarding their existence but before it blew out of proportion the enterprise was on a climb to reach the top of the marketing arena. This enterprise was created to suit the public and functioning as well was in their hands.

The Questnet fraud jolted the roots of the company and created mayhem for the entire enterprise. The enterprise invested some amount of the member’s money into the business and made them an equivalent partner in the company. This business plan entitled the member to a catalogue of products which was to be sold to potential prospective in order to earn an additional income. The business plan is designed to implement simple mechanisms to produce efficient results. The enterprise fosters communal growth as well as development of self proclamation amongst the members. It gives the average individual a platform to create an independent enterprise without having to stress about higher authorities. The freedom to conduct business as per personal continence is the key to its success. It made the public its priority and devised a business plan that will aid the mentality and capability of the average person. As long as communicational skill is supported by determination a person can easy succeed in this business such is its formulation.

The MLM companies were put in the spotlight and questioned for the credibility of the business plan. The attacks were an initiated by rival companies and distressed members that were unhappy by the increasing success and in order to curb it, they resorted to various such devious techniques. When investigations revealed the truth, people were made aware of the true facts. The cloud of contempt started clearing and business carried on.

In spite of the chaos, MLM companies strove to overcome this hurdle and recreate their eminence in the market. People realised that the companies had interesting opportunities to provide and started looking at the potential aspects of the business plan. The MLM enterprise creates freedom of thought, work and growth in personal well being which makes it an apt choice for millions of people globally. The Questnet fraud changed the definition of the enterprise in the market and left a permanent scar. The importance of this kind of marketing is picking up pace and people are becoming more aware of the strategies that can elevate life on the whole.

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