Learning to Control your Emotions

Our emotions sometimes are the thing which can make or break us in life. If you can control your emotions you can sometimes turn a bad situation into a good one. I have learned that emotional control is key to most of the interactions that we have with other people. Being a customer service person has helped me tremendously in life. I have learned how to deal with the most irate customer and eep the situation under control. The key is that we have to learn how to control our own emotions. The key to this control is to walk on top of our situation in a sense.

Now I understand so well the significance of Jesus walking on water in the scriptures. The waters represent the troubles that life will sometimes throw our way. The key to not sinking is to keep your mind above the bad situation. Don’t allow it to suck you under but learn how to walk on top of it. You can handle the situation if you don’t allow it to handle you. I have determined that no matter how tough a curve ball life throws at you it is possible to handle. The situation won’t get any better if you cry about it so the only choice is to deal with it. Remember that it won’t go away until you do something about it.

Everyone is influenced by mood. We should try to better understand our moods in order to take control and by doing this, we can avoid doing things that we might regret. We should not react to stressful situations because nine times out of ten that reaction will be negative. A negative reaction means a bad decision. Each and every bad decision costs in the long run. Our reactions can become clouded by our emotions. I once read a poem about a man who dropped his glasses in a pot of dye. Afterwards everything that he saw was purple. Our outlook on life can be shaded the same way by our emotions. We should avoid being influenced by our emotions for this very reason.

Imagine our body as being a bus and that your emotions are the passengers. Each one is attempting to take over the wheel from you. If you are not strong and determined you will have a situation that isn’t good at all. Until you get all of the passengers under control you will have a situation which is schizoid. You have to take the wheel and remain in control if you want to get to your predetermined destination.

So what must you do? You must learn to reduce the number of passengers by dropping off at the stops along the way. Get rid of those negative and troublesome one, like anger, worry, greed, and others, this will eventually help you to gain control of the steering wheel and drive smoothly without any harmful distraction. You will be the master of yourself.

You have to be the master if you are to get where you need to go. There is no other way. Life is hard sometimes and it will not get easier if you react to it through the lens of your emotions. Your emotions can dig a hole for you that it is not possible to climb out of.

I have learned that no matter how hard it is to interact with other people our battle is not with them it is in our own minds. I was watching a court show yesterday where a daughter had a bad attitude. She was blaming her mother for her fathers death. Her father was killed while driving drunk and it was the daughter’s rationale that the mother had nagged him to the point of drinking and driving. The judge asked her several questions. He first asked if the mother put a gun to the man’s head and make him drink the liquor. The next question was if she put a gun to his head and forced him to drive drunk. Of course the answer to all of these questions was no. The judge’s assessment in this case was that the mother didn’t force the man into drinking and driving. Now by the same token other people don’t force you to react in a negative manner. You choose to do so. The Good Life

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