Photographs are of very much importance in a wedding as these capture the true essence of the occasion and are seen as treasure for future generations. Every couple hires the best photographer in the city to make this special day a memorable one. Every picture is special and tells a unique story and justifies the need of a good album which will have best shot frames to tell the story of your big fat wedding! There are many ways to compile the pictures to tell a story and storybook wedding albums have become incredibly popular days.

The various types of storybook wedding album that are sweeping market these days are:

Flush Mount Albums –These flush mounted albums come with hard and crafted covers and board size pages that are resistant to bending. Generally, the wedding photos are flush mounted on cardboards on the page and are extended throughout the whole page. Depending upon one’s need and preference the options of flush mount album along with a high quality of printing is the best combination one can choose from.

The second category is Montage Albums that are created and compiled like designs of fashion magazines. Depending on design needs and choices they present a vast array of diverse avenues of photo album designing. The PC templates of designing are used in creating and designing of montage albums. Also customs images can be tried for this. If you are looking for a unique album out of juxtaposition of images to evolve with some greater meanings, montage wedding albums should be your first preference.

Next type is Digital albums that are technologically advanced and hi-tech. They display digitally printed photos. The unique feature of this album is that digital transitions can be added to the album at the post production stage.

The next type of storybook wedding albums is Coffee Table Books that are kept in coffee table for visitors to have a look. This is an essentially over expensive and a huge venture. Special papers are used in these kinds of albums to enhance the look and appearance.

As the name Storybook Wedding Albums itself suggests, one has to arrange the photographs in a well thought sequence. One can organize the photos in a chronological order along with texts that describes the story behind them. Just by assembling the story or incidents along with the photos, one can develop the album which can be transformed into a storybook with a tale to tell.

Other varieties include matted albums that come in frames and the photos are mounted physically. Whether the photo is traditionally printed or digitally printed, matted album stores them well in a classy and traditional way. In addition the self-mounted albums with manually mounted photographs are cheap yet long lasting options. So before choosing wedding albums think about your needs and wants and then go for it.

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Asad Sultan as a Wedding Photographer, is a specialist in Asian Wedding, Indian Wedding photography. We also create a Storybook wedding Albums with a selection of your images at a very affordable price.